Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not Just and Overnight Guest

Are you like me?... every time company comes there is a whirlwind of action going on - cleaning, straightening, checking one more thing off the "I'll get around to it list" just before the overnight guests arrive?

As I've already told you, we have a very special guest on the way. But the difference is that this guest plans to stay for quite a while. Even though it feels a little like getting ready for weekend company, things really have been about shifting and ma
king room for new things, and finding homes for those things that piled up way too long until a new home could be found for them.

I'm doing things... lots of things. I'm busy. I'm marking things off my list that have been neglected for far too long. Yep, I'm nesting. The nest is close to being ready, and the date of "ready or not, here I come" is right before my door. Question is, can you ever really be ready?

I suppose it is like when your overnight guests finally arrive... you then notice that big speck of dust in the corner, something that is not in its place, and that whatcha-ma-call-it that didn't get cleaned properly. And then there is usually that the reminder to yourself, that your guests often do not see those things anyway, and if they do somehow they are able to have fun and enjoy the moments in spite of those things.

... It's definitely a process, but I am learning that it's actually O.K. if everything is not just how I like it. I could imagine that our new little guy won't even notice. Hmmm... what a concept!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where it All Began

A simple sketch.

That's where it all began... really. And I guess the encouragement of a good friend. I never really set out to design my own ribbons, and truth be told, I'm not even one of those self-described "always used to doodle on everything I could get my hands on" kind of girl. It's my dad who I consider the artist of the family. I am the one who creates things using other things.

... but like I said, I started with just a simple sketch. One doodle became two, and two doubled, and somehow I ended up with a basic sketch. It seems that I like to draw on graph paper, although not because I am following the lines or trying to keep things in scale. I just like it.

I would have to say that the sketch was the easiest part of the whole process. It's the color and the small, but super significant details that take the creative process in a whole other direction. So once the basic sketch was done, it was sent to the manufacturer where they digitalized my drawing and filled in the colors that I had used. We picked Pantone colors and they matched the colors to their thread colors. Then we got a rough draft of how the ribbons would look in the colors that we chose.

... and that was just the first step.

I'm planning a follow-up post to share the next steps... a very long and drawn out process when you are just chomping at the bit to get the final product in your hands. But I guess that is why they say that good things come to those who wait. (and wait, and wait....)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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