Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I wanted to work on this....

BUT, instead I worked on this.....

I guess my projects can wait until another day, right?!?

Monday, June 28, 2010

On My Desk...

O.K.... so I have at least four different projects on my desk right now. I came back from our show ready to sew! Somehow it seems that I like to start a million projects at once... because to finish them one at a time like a sensible person just doesn't work for me. We have lots of friends and family that are having babies right now and I just happen to be in the mood to sew such small, cute, sweet things for all the new arrivals.

Here's the sneak peak...

What's on your desk right now? Any special summer plans?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Light It Up, Again!

So I'm finally back on a roll trying to add all those finishing touches to the baby's room that I have planned in my head. The little one's room was in need of some extra lighting. You may remember my Light It Up project from earlier in the month... so I decided to put this one together as a tutorial too. This really is a five minute project, (perhaps six or seven if you are wanting to take photos of the whole process). I simply purchased a wall lamp from Ikea (Tassa Natt) and went to work. My husband liked the cover that it came with, but I really wanted to coordinate the lighting with what I already had in the baby's room.

1. Remove the existing cover/paper from the wall lamps.

2. Using the removed cover as a template, trace onto a heavier card stock paper, and cut along the traced lines. (Note: I used a medium weight card stock paper instead of an extra heavy weight so there would not be too much bulk once the fabric was added)

3. On the back side of the card stock paper, transfer the folding lines from the original cover.

4. Cut your fabric of choice slightly larger than your card stock paper. Spray the front side of the card stock paper with an adhesive glue that is suitable for both paper and fabric. Carefully lay the card stock paper on the fabric and smooth gradually.

5. Trim the excess fabric to the size of the card stock paper.

6. Fold the fabric covered card stock along the folding line that was traced in step 3. It is easiest to use a ruler as a folding straight edge.

7. Insert your fabric covered card stock back into the original lamp and close.

A quick and easy lighting project in a snap!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

High & Dry

O.K., so you really didn't think that i would leave you "high & dry" with no photos from the weekend, did you?

Pretty flowers + camera = photo fun. I must say... taking pictures carrying a baby is not the easiest thing to do. But I think he was a great assistant, don't you?

I see a possible future career in the making... Hmmm, we'll see!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're Back! Park & Garden 2010

This last December we received our invitation to return as exhibitors to the Park & Garden Country Fair at Gut Stocksee. At that time I was still rubbing my very pregnant belly trying to decide if doing such a show would be "do-able" with a little one that we had never met... not knowing if our baby would be a happy, easy-going baby or the kind that never seems to be satisfied with anything and crying all the time. One really could say that when we sent in our application confirming that we were coming, it was really stepping out.

So, I guess you might be expecting my update from the weekend to be a flowery and over the top narrative of the breathtaking and awe-inspiring blossoms, landscapes, and booths filled with trinkets and treasures to make one literally drool... just like last year (I never realized I could write such nonsense until I read it again!)

... but between managing the booth, the baby, and all the customers coming in and out, I didn't make it out that often. The first day was too cold and rainy, the second too hot and humid, the third was too busy, and the last day I was just simply too tired... and so was the little one. There were so many impressions for him... new sounds and noises, new things too look at, and people he had never seen that I got the feeling that he just needed to be close to me.

... so I packed him in our baby carrier, and three hours later when he awoke, he was like a new man. These past few days we have been snuggling and catching up on much lost sleep for the both of us, enjoying the comfort and familiarity of home. Looking back, I think I must have lost my mind to tote a little one to such an event, but he came through it like a trooper.

... I have to say, there is nothing like a super cute baby (especially when he is being toted around by his daddy) that attracts people to a booth any faster.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Park & Garden 2010

This week our show starts and I am busy sewing, pricing, packing, and working on a super long checklist to prepare for the long weekend. It really is amazing the things that one needs to take to a show as an exhibitor... not to mention all the things we need for baby. That's right, it's the little one's first show!

With all that being said, I will leave you this week with a few pictures that I found on the Park and Garden website. The grounds really are beautiful and somehow, even though it is so much work to do a show, with such surroundings, beautiful weather, great neighbors, and meeting new people, it almost doesn't seem like work.

So if you happen to be in Northern Germany and are looking for a way to spend your weekend relaxing and enjying it with family or friends, needing to be inspired by flowers and breathtaking gardens, with a comfy place to enjoy and afternoon for coffee and cake... please stop by to say hello. If not, then I'll be back next week with all the photos and an update (that is if I can get away to take some pictures) Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Neglected Garden

Dear Owner,

We just wanted to let you know that we are so very blue... you have neglected to take care of us for far too long. We are surrounded by unfriendly weeds on every side, and we miss it when you come and sit with us to spend your time "oohhhing and aahhhing" over our beauty. Despite the fact that you have left us alone for so long, we have still decided to come back... just like we did last year. We hope that you remember us one of these days and do not stay away forever. Please stop by when you can.


Your Poor Neglected Garden

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