Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Neglected Garden

Dear Owner,

We just wanted to let you know that we are so very blue... you have neglected to take care of us for far too long. We are surrounded by unfriendly weeds on every side, and we miss it when you come and sit with us to spend your time "oohhhing and aahhhing" over our beauty. Despite the fact that you have left us alone for so long, we have still decided to come back... just like we did last year. We hope that you remember us one of these days and do not stay away forever. Please stop by when you can.


Your Poor Neglected Garden


  1. Gardens are forgiving somewhat...mines is neglected too but after a nasty lecture from our wicked landlord....this weekend is dedicated to Gardening!

  2. Ha ha !!

    Beautiful flowers... neglected ? really ?

    have a sunny day

  3. Yes, the flowers are beautiful, but notice that they are close up shots... for two reasons: first, I love to see the details of the flowers up close and second... you can't see all the weeds ; )


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