Monday, December 10, 2012

The "P" Word

So, I have often heard that the "P" word can be the downfall of a blog...

I would think that it is beyond obvious that I've had just a few things that have kept me very busy and away from blogging these days. The truth of the matter is that I have not even logged onto my own blog in days, maybe even weeks, not even to check out my favorite "must read" blogs. Somehow I've not found the time or even had the desire.

It's not as if there hasn't been enough going on around me to blog about, no, no... in fact there has been almost too much going on. So, should I fill you in on what you've missed?...
  • Our first month as life as four... it really hit me when I did a Skype call with my parents recently where you can see a small image of yourself in the corner... and there we were together, the four of us. Hmmm.
  • The second visit to the hospital with our big guy... and a second time coming home with stitches, which leaves me only with the realization that boys really are a whole different category than girls.
  • Our first major e-mail newsletter in October with SWD...
  • November 17th was a big day for me... we celebrated our annual Thanksgiving in Germany for the 4th year, it was my grandmother's 86th birthday, my cousin and his wife had their first baby, and I celebrated an anniversary of sorts myself... 6 years in Germany!
  • I did a small show... nothing big, just a small table set up combined with a weekend visit with the in-laws. Which meant a little bit of sewing time for me... I just love it when the hum of the sewing machine puts the little one to sleep.
  • The little guy's first smiles and first attempts at talking. Listening to the big guy asking Papa for help in German, and then turning to me and asking me the same thing in English.
  • I made my very first Advent calendar for the big guy... an owl a day keeps the doctor away... or something like that.
  • Nibbling on my newfound favorite Christmas cookies…a simple, sweet, thin and crispy cookie. Lingering with a hot cup of tea on the side, snuggling the little one to sleep while enjoying the snow and the birds fluttering in and out for their own tasty treat.
But more than anything, I have been enjoying the changes that adding a new life brings. And right now I so want to enjoy it and not let those moments pass me by. So, a "pause" (which I have kind of already done) should be of no surprise. I'm not ready to quit, but ready to re-tank, ready to be re-inspired and ready to enjoy this still and reflective season with my family. I could imagine that the first of the year will bring new inspiration for me, and I hope that you all will take the time to slow down and enjoy the silence in your own life more than ever before.
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