Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Churnstile Quilt Blocks

I have to admit that I've really enjoyed having a project in the works that is already cut and ready to go. For our Modern Patchwork Treffen in February, I ended up cutting almost all of the fabrics for my Churnstile quilt blocks... so when we met again in March, all I had to do was just sit down and sew! Ok, ok... so I think it's safe to say that this will not be my bee block, which is ok since it seems as if I've developed very specific ideas about the colors and fabrics

I thought that I needed to add a few blocks with softer tones to give this a little more balance... this shade of periwinkle is just perfect!

For a lack of a better word, I've also been making a few "cornerstone" blocks too. (I'm sure there's a quilting term for these smaller blocks) It's been fun work on a few placement ideas to see how they would look best when integrated in with the larger blocks... always open for feedback! (hint, hint)

Since this had officially been labeled another "basket project", you'll see little bits of progress here and there. I've got a pretty big basting project to start on!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage Finish!

Finishing my Farm Girl Vintage quilt means that I get to check the last thing of my quarterly goals list for the 2016 Finish-A-Long. When I first started this, the blocks actually came together pretty quickly, but waiting for sashing fabric meant getting pushed to the backburner... then there was, of course, the issue of how to quilt it?

I really had to think long and hard about how I wanted to quilt this since this was my first border quilt, and I only quilt with my walking foot. I had originally thought about an all over pattern, but decided that it was not the best solution for this quilt. I eventually ended up quilting in the ditch around each motif, then addressed each block individually. (yup... that was a whole lot of turning under the machine!) Since each block is quilted differently, I thought it would be fun to also share them individually.

Fresh Pears Block: (My first block and still one of my favorites in this quilt)

Scrappy Strawberry Block:

Welcome Block: (I loved the way this block looked after I had made the first one that I ended up making two for this quilt! This goes into the blocks-to-repeat category for me!)

Patchwork Pumpkin Block:

Crops Block: (This is another favorite block... not necessarily to sew, but the end result)

Baking Day Block:

Kettle's On! Block:

Farmhouse Block: (When I first saw this block, I knew Cori Dantini's "The Makers" needed to be in the windows happily working away)

Spring Star Block:

Pie Cherries Block:

 Welcome Block:

Canning Season Block:

Quilt pattern: Various blocks from "Farm Girl Vintage" book by Lori Holt
Started: August 2015
Fabrics: Alison Glass, Cotton & Steel, Basic Grey Grunge yellow border, and selected scraps from stash. Low volume background fabrics.
Finished quilt top size: ca. 51 x 62 in. (130 x 158 cm)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

(Almost) Quarterly Status

I've been whittling away at my 2016 goals list, slow and steady like a carpenter, and I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised (an amazed) how much I've accomplished this quarter! These past weeks have been whirlwinds of colds, sniffles, birthday parties, and anything and everything but time at my sewing machine. With a little luck, and some concentrated time, I hope to finish up my Farm Girl Vintage quilt, which is the last thing to be completed for my quarterly goals! Hmm... still contemplating that border!

I'm right on track with my bi- monthly goal of finishing my bee blocks early instead of waiting until the last minute. I have to admit that what I have enjoyed the most is that everyone's taste's are so different... it's nice, and sometimes a challenge, to work with colors and combinations that are a little outside my "norm". Magda is a master of manipulating a softer and more neutral palette.

Speaking of a softer palette, the blocks for my Penny quilt have been done for a while, but I just had to put them together. I was needing some mindless sewing a few weeks ago, and straight line connecting blocks did it! This came together rather quickly, but that was also kind of my intention with such simple blocks.

I'm still pinching myslef on having finished my major milestone, aka Facing East quilt top. I honestly never dreamed that I would have the top done so early in the year. I just finished the quilt back this week, and it actually feels like a doable goal for the second quarter! (mind you, I put this wopper of a quilt on my yearly goal list)

Where are you on your quarterly goals list? Do you finish early or do deadlines push you to finish just in time?

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mini Foliage Grows

I'm finding that I am enjoying having several of my handmade things peppered throughout the house. I haven't always sewn with myself in mind, but find that I love being greeted by this table runner in the hallway, this pickledish table cover in the living room, and this mini mini gone super size adorning my favorite chair. 

In the evenings before I go to bed, I usually take up a glass of water with me. I guess this is the part where I shamefully admit that for far too long, I had simply put a towel on my nightstand to protect it from any water damage. But as my Mom always says... if you want to get your house in order, then invite company! And a recent visit pushed me to do something that I should have done a long time ago!

I'm totally smitten with Sew Kind of Wonderful's Green Smoothie quilt, which was the color inspiration for this little table runner. Simple. Fresh. Green. The more I think about this quilt, the more I want to make it, but this at least satisfies my "craving" until I can get some of my other WIP's knocked out the way.

I actually used my free Mini Mini Foliage template and simply let it grow by adding more leaves. If you've never done reverse applique, then you can check out my tutorial here for a complete how to.

I'm really starting to become a big fan of wavy quilting... it really adds such movement to a piece! Now, what would a project of mine be without adding a few Basic Grey grunges to the mix? I used a understated grey fabric for the backing, and Carolyn Friedlader for the background and the binding.

So, do you have any corners in your house that are begging for a little handmade touch? Do you usally sew for yourself and things to use in your home, or do you just sew where your inspriation lies?

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

From Audition to Center Stage

Well, it would appear that I've gone just a little beyond auditioning blocks to slipping into a completely new project... but not without good reason! This past weekend was our Modern Patchwork Treffen (quilting group) here in Hamburg, and I needed something to work on. While I'm coming close to the end of quilting my Farm Girl Vintage quilt, I am now in the process of considering quilting options for the border... and I need to have a little more concentration (and space) for actual quilting. Not really the best take it with you project. But I have to admit that it was reassuring that I wasn't the only one with a new project in the works... in fact we all had new projects that we were working on! 

It was so fun to see the variety of our projects... each person with their own style, different color palette, and range of tastes. As always the exchange was great... sharing ideas, quilting techniques... and come on, who doesn't love talking about fabric?!? In the end we arranged our finished blocks to admire them all in one spot. 

As far as other projects in the works go, I've almost convinced myself that maybe I really can quilt my Facing East quilt instead of sending it off. All the ladies in our quilting group are cheering me on to quilt it myself! I've been playing around with a few quilting design options, but am still debating what is best for this quilt. I drew out a few designs on baking paper and placed them over the top of a picture of my quilt. I had thought either one large graduated circle or several smaller graduated circles with some straight line quilting... any thoughts? too busy? favor one over the other?

Few on words, but heavy on pictures... What's on your work table this week?

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