Wednesday, March 16, 2016

(Almost) Quarterly Status

I've been whittling away at my 2016 goals list, slow and steady like a carpenter, and I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised (an amazed) how much I've accomplished this quarter! These past weeks have been whirlwinds of colds, sniffles, birthday parties, and anything and everything but time at my sewing machine. With a little luck, and some concentrated time, I hope to finish up my Farm Girl Vintage quilt, which is the last thing to be completed for my quarterly goals! Hmm... still contemplating that border!

I'm right on track with my bi- monthly goal of finishing my bee blocks early instead of waiting until the last minute. I have to admit that what I have enjoyed the most is that everyone's taste's are so different... it's nice, and sometimes a challenge, to work with colors and combinations that are a little outside my "norm". Magda is a master of manipulating a softer and more neutral palette.

Speaking of a softer palette, the blocks for my Penny quilt have been done for a while, but I just had to put them together. I was needing some mindless sewing a few weeks ago, and straight line connecting blocks did it! This came together rather quickly, but that was also kind of my intention with such simple blocks.

I'm still pinching myslef on having finished my major milestone, aka Facing East quilt top. I honestly never dreamed that I would have the top done so early in the year. I just finished the quilt back this week, and it actually feels like a doable goal for the second quarter! (mind you, I put this wopper of a quilt on my yearly goal list)

Where are you on your quarterly goals list? Do you finish early or do deadlines push you to finish just in time?

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  1. Congratulations - you were really successful finishing your goals for this quarter! Wow! The new quilttop looks beautiful! And those bee blocks are wonderful too!
    I'm usually finishing on a deadline but this year I try to finish all my UFOs and I hope I'll succeed!

  2. Wonderful wonderful photos of all your beautiful sewings(?!) :) I love the FAL...I have one finish out of 6 yet undone...and finished the quilt that was really on the outside of what I expected to be able to finish! All because it was included on the list :) If I don't finish the last one it will be a cinch for Q2, all I need is batting/backing, the top is no worries either way, eh? :)

  3. WOW! Congratulations on meeting your goals for the quarter. Everything looks beautiful.

  4. Your bee blocks do look great. Still sewing on mine :) And you know me, rather the last minute typ. But your influence is shining through... Swap Mini Quilt done before the deadline. Which is currently my one and only finish for FAL but maybe two to three more possible. The big projects have to be pulled over to the next quarter.

  5. Lovely quilt! It reminds me of a bowl of citrus. Perfect for spring.

  6. Such beautiful projects to be working on! I didn't manage to sign up for Quarter 1 but hope to make the next one.

  7. I can hardly wait for the big finish on your Farm Girl Vintage quilt, Allison. So close now! I must say... Those Delectable Mountain blocks are certainly sweet. Such pretty fabrics. You're making great progress on everything!

  8. Everything looks great! I tend to be a procrastinator and push everything to the last minute!! I am trying to get better about planning ahead and getting things done early!

  9. Well done on reaching your goals! I don't normally set myself goals, well, not until this year when I joined the 100 Day Challenge. I have achieved two of my three and I have about three weeks for the last one. I think I'll make it but I have a couple of urgent things to do first. I must admit though, it's been great for my workflow to have that deadline. Just joining up from Lets Bee Social.
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