Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No Small Thing

It really is no small thing to economize. In business, one must continually analyze, refine, and re-evaluate what is working, what is not, what costs the most time and money, and focus on what brings the most profit. It should go without saying that cutting those areas out that are not profitable makes a lot of good business sense, but on a personal level it is not so cut and dry.

When I started my blog, I started it for many different reasons... keeping in touch with family and friends, getting in contact with the German crafters community, and simply having a creative outlet. I've always enjoyed writing and I feel that often I can express myself much clearer with the written word. Perhaps it is that one really has the opportunity to carefully select what is desired to be said. But all those reasons aside, blogging costs time... and name me one person who would not like more of that and I'll give you a millions bucks! Sometimes I marvel at those who can spend four hours a day on Facebook or the busy mother of six children who has time to create, sew, design fabric & patterns, embroider, and post fabulously fantastic photos of even more fantastic projects. (Seriously, I heard recently that the average FB user spends four hours a day online, and if you're in the creative world you've definitely heard of the fabo AMH and marvel at her as well.)

Over the past year I have somewhat lost my direction of why I was blogging, where I wanted to go with it, or what I wanted to achieve. Adding our new guy has caused me to devote my time elsewhere, and I've asked myself so often if this is something that needs to have less focus, or even focus at all?... I am still re-evaluating and refining. I can't say that blogging has been of no profit to me...no, in fact I have accomplished what I set out to do... and not to mention that I have "met" some really great people along the way.

Since I'm not ready to call it quits, I thought that I would perhaps find a less time-consuming way to express myself other than with words... and don't pictures say a thousand of them?

So, let me first send out a big "thanks" to the 158 of you who have decided to stick it out with me until I found the time and inspiration to share with you a little corner of my world. In the next weeks I will simply be sharing photos, then perhaps the words can be yours... would love to hear what story they tell you.
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