Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Have you ever forgotten that special someone's birthday? What about a special anniversary? Or even worse yet, an important Christmas present? Well, I have... The truth of the matter is that it was my full intention to have a giveaway to celebrate my one year anniversary / blog birthday in November, but things somehow got busy and I thought; "hey, why not a Christmas giveaway", but then my hubby gave me a surprise flight to the States, and quite frankly I just didn't have time.

Hast Du jemals den Geburtstag eines Deiner Lieb
en vergessen? Oder ein besonderes Jubiläum? Oder noch schlimmer - ein wichtiges Weihnachtsgeschenk? Nun, das habe ich alles schon "geschafft"... Ursprünglich war es z.B. meine vollste Absicht gewesen, ein Blog Gewinnspiel zur Feier meines einjährigen "BLOG Jubiläums" im November zu veranstalten. Aber irgendwie war wieder mal so viel zu tun und dann dachte ich, ich könnte ja auch ein Weihnachts-Gewinnspiel daraus machen - aber dann gab mir mein lieber Ehemann Überraschungs-Flugtickets in die USA und dann fehlte mir natürlich auch wieder die Zeit...

...So how about a "Just-because-I-forgot-my-anniv
ersary GIVEAWAY"?!?

... Wie wäre es nun also mit einem "Einfach-weil-ich-mein-Jubiläum-vergessen-habe" BLOG Gewinnspiel?

I'll be giving away one "Fat Quarter" pack with four fabrics from one of the four colorways that I posted about here and you get to pick which color set you want, OR for you "non-fabric" folks, a sweet pair of earrings - your color choice! Maybe I should make this really fun and do two winners. One winner for my missed "anniversary giveaway" and one winner for my missed "Christmas giveaway", sound good?

Zu gewinnen gibt es ein "Fat Quarter" Päckchen mit vier Stoffen aus einer der vier Farblinien, die ich hier vorgestellt habe und Du kannst Dir aussuchen, welche Farbe Du möchtest. Und für alle "Nicht-Stoff" Leute gibt's ein süßes Paar Ohrringe in Deiner Wunschfarbe! Doch damit nicht genug: Wo ich schon so viele Anlässe verpasst habe, gibt es dieses Mal einfach gleich zwei Gewinner - einen für das verpasste Jubiläums Gewinnspiel und den anderen für das verpasste Weihnachtsgewinnspiel - klingt das gut?

To win tell me either about the best birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present you ever got, or to keep us laughing, a sticky situation that you got yourself into because you forgot one.

Um zu gewinnen, erzählt einfach von Eurem besten Geburtstags-, Jubiläums- oder Weihnachtsgeschenk, das Ihr jemals bekommen habt, oder, damit es auch was zu lachen gibt, von einer "heiklen" Situation, in die Ihr Euch gebracht habt, weil Ihr ein Geschenk vergessen habt.

... So I guess I will kick things off with my story... I had just moved to Germany and my husband and I were to celebrate our first Christmas together before we got married a few short days later. We had so much going on with wedding preparations and my family flying in on Christmas Day, that it all seemed like a whirlwind to me. It wasn't the biggest present on the table or the one with the most flashy wrapping, just a small, simple, undecorated envelope with the most thoughtful contents. I can't remember what other things I had gotten that year, but what I think I will never forget was what was written on that plain note card... "". My husband had reserved this web address so I could start my own business once we got settled, so I just have one thing to ask - is this guy great or what?!?

... Und um mit gutem Beispiel voran zu gehen, hier meine Geschichte: Ich war gerade nach Deutschland gezogen und mein Mann und ich feierten unser erstes gemeinsames Weihnachten, nur ein paar Tage, bevor wir heirateten. Wir hatten so viel mit Hochzeitsvorbereitungen zu tun und meine Familie sollte am ersten Weihnachtstag einfliegen, dass sich alles wie in einem Wirbelwind anfühlte. Es war weder das größte Geschenk auf dem Gabentisch, noch dasjenige mit der auffallendsten Verpackung, ein einfacher kleiner weißer ungeschmückter Briefumschlag mit einem unglaublich gedankenvollen Inhalt. Ich kann mich an keines der anderen Geschenke mehr erinnern, aber was ich niemals vergessen werde, stand auf dieser einfachen Karte... "". Mein Mann hatte mir diese Internetadresse reserviert, so dass ich mein eigenes Geschäft starten konnte! Da kann man nur eines fragen - ist dieser Kerl großartig, oder was?!?

The winners will be annoucned Febuary 3rd... don't forget to tell your friends!

Die Gewinnerin wird am 3. Febuar bekannt gegeben... also, vergiss nicht Deinen Freunden zu erzählen.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Season

I figured that perhaps it is time that I break you all in slowly... there are some of you that have been with me for a while, some that have just recently joined in, but however long you have been here, you might have picked up that I am ready to go into a new season in my life.

I remember the first time that my husband and I met with our midwife and she gave us a chart of the 40 weeks of pregnancy and what to expect at each week, and I thought to myself.... Wow, I can't believe how far off it is until "baby" gets here. But now is that time, just seven weeks away when I realize that I don't have much time to process anymore... that the knowing in my head that my life, our lives, will change... is almost a reality. I can't say that I really know what is ahead of me... or what this new little person will be like...

So, I imagine that things around here will be a little less about what I am creating, much less frequent, and perhaps quite different topics than what one usually sees. I promise to not let this turn into an "all about baby" blog, but I assume that you can guess what theme will dominate for some time.

This week we made a little addition to an empty corner of our bedroom... have you ever had the sensation that you never realized that you had an empty corner in your room until you filled it with with the right furniture piece? I am honored that this special piece has kept many babies in my husband's family, including him, comfortable and warm throughout the years... dating all the way back to a precious great, great grandmother as a tiny baby. When my husband was born, his grandmother had sewn a sweet canopy to adorn the crib, and perhaps one day when our "baby cookie" is grown and starts a family of their own, I will be able to do the same.

... but until then, this family heirloom, that looks like it was custom made, is sitting in the corner of our room reminding us that our precious one will be coming very soon... bringing a new, exciting, and quite unknown season with them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Clock is Ticking

For the past several days I have been trying to find my desk. I know once I get it cleared off, I will be able to start sewing again. It has been pilled up with new orders coming in, new fabrics, and I have had to totally rework my small space to fit them all. Computer work and getting caught up on general business stuff has kept my itching fingers away from my new fabric collection.... BUT, I have finally decided on what fabrics I am planning to use for a diaper bag. After long debate back and forth (mostly with myself) I opted to go with a more "grown up" diaper bag rather than a boy or girl specific bag... after all, I will be the one carrying it most of the time, right? I tried to imagine me wearing a bright pink or purple shirt (two of my fav's to wear) with a red fire trucks diaper bag... somehow it didn't work in my head. So here is a preview of the fabric that I picked. It may be a little "girly", but I thought the dark blue and green would be nice even if we have a boy.

Don't you just love those sewing pins? A customer of mine recently sent them to me and I think they are just as adorable as can be... Thank you, Kathrin! Another friend gave me this felted pin cushion for Christmas. (Note: People seem to know me well enough to give me things to create with... perhaps it is a hint to sew more.) Fanks P! (that's "thank you" in three year old niece talk)

Well, since I have less than two months to get everything sewn that I can possibly finish, I don't have much time. So....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

So In Love...

Do you remember the first time that you fell in love?... really in love, head over heals, couldn't breath, couldn't eat, couldn't think straight in love? Was it love at first sight, or was it the more time that you spent together the more you noticed all those special little details that set them apart from the rest? Were you young and impetuous and the whole world seemed to be at the tip of your fingers or had you saved your heart until you were old enough to process and appreciate the depth of what the word meant?

However it may have been for you, I just had to shout from the rooftops that I am in love... again! One could perhaps say that I am being quite dramatic, especially since I am talking about fabric... but I have to say that it is not far off how I felt when I first saw the new fabric collection, "Love" from Amy Butler.

Don't these just remind you of something from a summer romance... perhaps a picnic on a
perfectly warm, bright blue sky day, ending with a plate full of juicy watermelon, cantaloupe, fruit, and everything that is fresh?

Perhaps these bring to mind an evening stroll on the beach, hand in hand, soaking in the cool blues and aquas of the soothing water that fades in and out, refreshing each time it rolls over your feet as you enjoy the change in color as the night starts to wrap itself around you.

Just like a first love, I can't wait to get together, spend time with, and create something beautiful with this fabric. Visions of sewing projects are swirling through my head almost making me dizzy... how divine. Think you might be in "love" too? Fabrics can be found here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

One could only imagine my complete and utter surprise when my strict policy upholder of "no early gift opening" husband came waltzing into my office, grabbed my hand, lead me into the living room, sat me down, and announced in November that he thought we should have Christmas early. After closing my gaping jaw to follow the statement with... "what have you done with my husband?!?", he presented me a small envelope. The contents inside aimed at bringing the biggest shock and smile to my face. Knowing how much I had struggled last Christmas with being away from my family, and taking into consideration that travels might be limited once the "baby cookie" arrives, he had booked a surprise flight to travel home for the holidays.... ah ha, thus the obvious absence here.

Just about as soon as we made it in, snow seemed to follow us everywhere that we went, and cancelling several things that we had planned. I thoroughly enjoyed "waddling" to my grandmothers on Christmas day and the 20 minute walk was just what I needed to get rid of that "cabin fever" feeling that comes with being snowed in for days. It made me long for the sidewalks one finds in Germany, but most people were nestled in for the holiday and didn't bother to brave the streets on the quietest day of the year. After our first two feet of snow (ca. 60 cm!), mother nature decided that it was only the beginning. Stopping long enough to allow one of my best friends to travel up from North Carolina to ring in the New Year, she brought the most delightful "Christmas present" that was so unexpected and almost brought me to tears... my other best friend that had secretly flown in all the way from Texas!

After the holiday we drove up North to visit my godparents, bringing the snow with us. Even though watching the birds fly in and out all day long for the delectable seeds that were set outside for them, our days did not progress much past this andvisitin g and playing games. Finally landing home again, we were left with that rushed feeling... "wait a minute, we didn't...." The list grew, leaving us with the helpless feeling that you can only work so much in, in such a short time. One would think that almost an entire month is actually quite a longtim e, but when there are friends and family that you have not seen in what seems like forever, places that are non existent where you live, mixed with the need to relax a little, one could easily spend the whole year trying to do it all and still find that the time is just not enough.

I am thankful that somehow being pregnant, despite the difficulty of fitting in the airplane bathrooms, the flights were pretty uneventful compared to the past headaches, upset stomachs, sore hips, jet lag exhaustion that reminds me each time of just how old I am getting. But now is that settling in time... getting back into the swing of things in a place that I know is very familiar, but somehow still seems a little strange having left it's comforts for so long. It is also that last minute crunch time to get "the nest" ready before the little one gets here. I often think about what our family change means for traveling home... how often we can go, how it will be with kids, one's head could really spin with all the "what ifs".

... but for now, I will have to push those "what ifs" aside and tuck the memories of this past month deep in that "special times" compartment in my brain to revisit and sustain me until the next time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a Year It's Been!

Somehow "busy" seems to be my new norm... New Year's Eve with much missed friends, lots of yummy food, big road trip, TWO anniversaries (that's the advantage of being married in Germany, we essentially got married twice... the legal ceremony by the Justice of the Peace and the church ceremony. I never know which day to celebrate, but I like the idea of doing both), birthday party, shopping for baby, fighting more snow, and that is just start of my year. Hope you all had a great "slide" into the new year... so has it kept you busy or have you started it off slow?
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