Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a Year It's Been!

Somehow "busy" seems to be my new norm... New Year's Eve with much missed friends, lots of yummy food, big road trip, TWO anniversaries (that's the advantage of being married in Germany, we essentially got married twice... the legal ceremony by the Justice of the Peace and the church ceremony. I never know which day to celebrate, but I like the idea of doing both), birthday party, shopping for baby, fighting more snow, and that is just start of my year. Hope you all had a great "slide" into the new year... so has it kept you busy or have you started it off slow?


  1. Happy new Year, we took a slow slide into the new year, which is good. But it will quicken up soon, not for me, but for my husband when he starts travelling again with his job - Formula 1. He starts travelling from March til November ..Hopefully I will have some work soon and can travel over to France to see my

  2. Happy New Year! Great picture and I love the saying slide into the New Year! Perfect! Just getting back from USA and loving all the snow here. Have a great day!


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