Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Deck The Halls

When I shared the start of my brimfield blocks project a while back, someone pointed out that my all green blocks kind of look like Christmas wreaths. Hmmm... maybe it's true, or perhaps at this time of year, everything seems to remind you that there are only so many shopping days left before the big day of peace and love is upon us. In any case, I thought it would be fun to share the progress of my holiday boughs and let you decide.

As I had shared before, I've had it in my head for a long time to make an all green quilt. As usual, I really don't know how large I'll make this, but it would seem that I simply can't do small. The background is actually quite large, with an unfinished size of 16.5". I suppose I can trim them down later if needed, but it seemed like a good starting size.

This sweet daisy fabric has been in my stash for so long... waiting to be used before it landed in the "never-use-it... put it in the destash pile". I'm so glad I didn't give up on her, because I think she's finally found her project to really shine.

So, just think of these green wreaths as my way of wishing you the brightest, warmest, and merriest Christmas ever!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Home Sweet Home Kitchen

Over the last weeks, I've been sharing blocks from my upcoming Home Sweet Home applique sampler that I will be releasing in May. These Home Sweet Home Kitchen blocks are the last that I will be sharing until the final reveal... just think there are still 16 blocks that you've not seen yet!?!

I would say that in most homes, the kitchen is the heart of things... it's where families gather and spend a good potion of time together. Even when entertaining, it's as if it is almost mandatory for everyone to crowd into the kitchen. So with these food blocks, it's a nod to the center of the home. A healthy home is a happy home, and what better way to keep the doctor away than an apple a day...

This peas-in-a-pod block really holds a special place in my heart... when I became a mother, for some reason, I started calling my new little addition "sweet pea". While he is no longer that tiny little bundle that he once was, my now 8 year old is, and always will be, my sweet pea.

When growing up, much to our displeasure at the time, my parents would always make us eat our vegetables. We tried every trick in the book to get out of eating them, but threats of double portions quickly cured our "upset tummies". I often hear my mom telling me, as if she's sitting on my shoulder... "a meal is not complete until there is green on the plate." 

When my oldest was little, and his food came out of a jar, I could always tell the foods that her really liked with this sweet little "hh..ummm" sound that he would make. Pears were one of his favorite foods, so I think it's more than appropriate, that it lands in a quilt that is all things home.

Are you going to Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe in May? I will be teaching a starch applique class and will exclusively introduce this pattern to you first! Would love you see you there!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Home Sweet Home Blooms + My BIG Annoucement!

For a few weeks now, I've been hinting at that I have some really exciting news coming... especially for those living in Germany. This year I will be teaching two classes in May at the Nadelwelt convention in Karlsruhe, Germany! This international needlecraft event would almost be the equivalent of a Quilt Market for Germany. For the show, I will be officially introducing my Home Sweet Home applique sampler, which I've been sharing a couple sneak peek blocks already... but would you like to see more?

I find that over and over again, I tend towards curves and organic shapes and forms, whether in my fabric choices, or my designs... flowers are a big part of that, especially for my own personal home sweet home. Every year, my mother-in-law has two huge flower pots in front of her house that are full with the most beautiful Agapantus blooms. It's not only the fact that these slender yet elegant flowers are the perfect shade of purple, but I love the mighty ball of concentrated blooms.

My brother has a theory that a person's favorite season is the same season that they were born in... hmmm? Perhaps that might explain why spring blooms are my favorites. Those first tulips and daffodils make my heart sing with excitement that winter is soon over, and warmer and longer days are on the horizon.

Even as a little girl, dandelions were always my favorite... I simply couldn't understand why my dad was so eager to mow them down?!? With their bright yellow tuft of sunshine, I will still argue to this day that they are one of the prettiest weeds you'll find.

What some consider weeds, are something that I consider as beautiful... and I have always been drawn to thistles. Despite the fact they are often lacking in color, there is a certain elegance in their prickly, yet interestingly delicate form.

I think it goes without saying that connections with other quilters is something special in itself, and I have to say that I am especially excited about the Nadelwelt show because I have made connections with so many quilters in Germany over the years, either through blogging or Instagram. Finally getting to put names and faces to actual people!?!... let me know if you are planning to go to Nadelwelt in May too!
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