Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Süsses Erbslein

So now that the upcoming baby news is out of the bag, I thought that I would back track a bit and fill you in a little more about my ribbons and share a few behind the scenes about the whole designing process. But first things first... I thought you might be interested in how I came up with the name "Sweetpea Designs".

I've shared with you before that nicknames for children or one's special "sweetheart" are a lot different here in Germany than they are in the States. I can't really say that I know where I came up with the special nickname for our little guy, or if I even know anyone else who calls their little tyke the same, but since our little man came into our lives, I have been calling him, "Sweetpea".

I suppose that "Sweet pea" could have two meanings... a tender or sweet vegetable pea, or also associated with the word is a fragrant, climbing, flowering plant that one finds often in Mediterranean regions (Duftende Platterbse)... either way the name stuck.

So after much back and forth, I just couldn't get away from the name, and thus we decided to launch my ribbons under the label of "Sweetpea Designs"... and that's how the name was born, or should I say blossomed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Last Hurrah

So, I guess it would be fair to say that I've been keeping secrets... not that I had planned to, but somehow that's just how it's played out. Always when there is a major project, it somehow needs to be kept under wraps until it is time for the big reveal, and let's just say that ribbons have not been the only thing that has kept me busy these days... very busy.

There's a saying in English when someone does something as a "final gesture, effort, or performance" (Wikipedia) before the end of something, it is considered to be "The Last Hurrah" or "Swan Song"... that last beautiful song that a swan sings before it's death. O.K... sounds a little dramatic, but you get the picture, right?

This past weekend, my husband and I had our "Last Hurrah"... our final performance before the end of "life as we know it", so to say. No, no... no separations, emotional upsets, or anything heart-wrenching, but just a "little" life change for us. In fact our change is mostly about adding and not losing. If you've never been good at putting two and two together then let me just come out and say it... we celebrated a weekend away, just the two of us, without our "little guy" as a "Last Hurrah" of sorts before our newest "little guy" gets here. Yup, that's right... number two is coming!

Somehow I've not managed to tell you about it until the time is almost here. I can't really say why I've not talked about it before now... and it's not even because I'm a private person and wanted to keep this to myself, but I guess I've just not found the right time to say it. And now the time is getting close... closer than I realized, it seems a little silly for me to just all of a sudden out of no where (in a couple months... more like weeks now) make a birth announcement about our new addition.

I guess in some way I have already been preparing you for the quietness that is to come by the quietness that you may have noticed over the past several months. Of course I'm not really sure what the outcome will be, as no parents are, but am hoping to deliver a most beautiful performance as we close one chapter and prepare to start the next.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"x" Marks the Spot

If you have children, you know that they can be all consuming and that they love invading every inch (or centimeter for that fact) of ones space. Two weeks ago our little guy decided that a visit in mommy's office was where he needed to be and that mommy has the best pens and pencils to color with... especially on printed invoices and such that are on her desk. In an effort to reach the pens before mommy could reach him, the lightning quick movement resulted in a whole glass of water being dumped on my computer. Uggghh... being without computer for days is almost like torture... seriously, what did we do before them?

But needless to say, our little "Arbeitsdirektor" (work director) really hit the spot... and I mean literally. After days of air drying, attempts with the hair dryer, and even in the oven, my computer came back from the technician completly repaired, but with one small exception... who would have thought that one uses the letter "x" so much until it's gone? I have to say that it's much better than an "a", an "e", or even an "s", but control cut is now out of the picture. I guess you could say that "x" marks the spot... and boy, did our little guy hit it!

P.S. every time I used the letter "x" in the post, I had to copy and paste it from somewhere else. Did you know that at least half the people in Germany (or more) have an e-mail account ending with gmx.de... tja, and I have two!
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