Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"x" Marks the Spot

If you have children, you know that they can be all consuming and that they love invading every inch (or centimeter for that fact) of ones space. Two weeks ago our little guy decided that a visit in mommy's office was where he needed to be and that mommy has the best pens and pencils to color with... especially on printed invoices and such that are on her desk. In an effort to reach the pens before mommy could reach him, the lightning quick movement resulted in a whole glass of water being dumped on my computer. Uggghh... being without computer for days is almost like torture... seriously, what did we do before them?

But needless to say, our little "Arbeitsdirektor" (work director) really hit the spot... and I mean literally. After days of air drying, attempts with the hair dryer, and even in the oven, my computer came back from the technician completly repaired, but with one small exception... who would have thought that one uses the letter "x" so much until it's gone? I have to say that it's much better than an "a", an "e", or even an "s", but control cut is now out of the picture. I guess you could say that "x" marks the spot... and boy, did our little guy hit it!

P.S. every time I used the letter "x" in the post, I had to copy and paste it from somewhere else. Did you know that at least half the people in Germany (or more) have an e-mail account ending with gmx.de... tja, and I have two!


  1. hahaha!!!
    sorry, but that's hilarious! what a great story. although i would be very annoied if a letter on my keyboard wouldn't work anymore.
    maybe one day the little x will come back... or maybe now you have wish for christmas - a new computer! and christmas (xmas!!! *giggle*) will be soon. ;)

  2. Sorry your little guy caused so much havoc! I have been there. I had one drawn on a leather sofa with sharpie. Another accidently break a pipe playing hide and seek under the bathroom cabinet. The water leaked through the floor and dumped out into the kitchen ruining the hardwood floors. The list goes on!


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