Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Just A Hint of Life

Over the last several months I have been noticeably quiet. My absence in blogging has not been due to any illness, depression, secret projects, or lack of desire or motivation, but quite simply... lack of time. When your daily schedule has been so completely turned upside down (like I suppose the rest of the world) one is forced to prioritize, re-think and re-structure how those very few, but precious moments are spent. Tasks and goals become question of "what is an absolute necessity, and what things can stay on the backburner?"

My re-emergence post will be notably absent of promises of doing better, posting more often, or anything that sounds remotely close to a New's Resolution, peppered with good intentions... BUT, with things moving in the direction of "normal", I wanted to revisit this space. 

Since pattern writing has become the epitome of a challenge with homeschooling, and has been shoved into the long-term parking garage, I wanted to have something that I could work on where I could simply sit down and sew without thinking, planning, proofreading, editing, and the such.

I was thrilled to stumble onto a block-of-the-month project from @ruthdevosart at just the right time. I have been a long-time admirer of her work - really a true artist! Since I am smitten with the colors that she already used, it was simply just picking the right shades of Basic Grey grunge.

Ruth has a very interesting technique where she uses a light interfacing on the individual fabric pieces, and as she explains, puts it all back together like a puzzle. I've enjoyed diving into this new technique, and it really has my brain ticking.

Since the BOM is a 12-month program, there are some months where we sew two blocks in a month. The first month she started us out one of her eucalyptus flowers, and then for the second moved onto stitching two different leaf blocks.

To say that there is a good bit of pinning involved is quite the understatement, but I have to admit that the end result is SO worth the effort!

The only challenge with a block of the month program, is being patient enough to wait for the next month....

If you want some real inspiration, be sure to check out Ruth's website... her childhood art is absolutely awe-inspiring!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Bye, Bye, Butterfly Pattern Release + 20% SALE

Just this week I was sharing with my youngest son why spring is my favorite time of year. It’s always been thrilling for me to discover those first bulbs, bursting up through the dormant soil…the perfect shade of spring green that adorns foliage with the promise of new life – tender and delicate…the much-craved light and warmth from a sun that now lingers longer than in the previous winter months. More than anything, I think my love of spring has more to do with the feeling that it ushers in… a feeling of hopefulness that hovers thick. Winter is coming to an end.

With this in mind, it feels like it is perfect timing for the release of my latest pattern, “Bye, Bye Butterfly”. A butterfly is symbolic of change and transformation, and I hope that it invokes feelings of renewal, hope, and courage.

Starting today, save 20% off my latest quilt pattern, Bye, Bye Butterfly, as well as all my patterns in my entire shop! Just  enter the Sale Code: byebye. Sale ends Monday, March 8th, 2021!

"Bye, Bye Butterfly" is for the intermediate quilter, and combines applique, XXL applique, and reverse applique with simple paper piecing techniques. The oversized shapes are a good starting point, even for the experienced quilter who wants to try their hand at applique

Reverse applique is a fantastic way to eliminate bulk in an applique project, plus it's a fun way to incorporate accent fabrics.

... and with so many of my patterns, circle accents add just the right touch, don't you think? With the help of my video, "how to make the perfect circle using the starch applique technique", you'll be making circles like a pro in no time.

I love combining piecing techniques with applique, and a fun little row of flying geese, adds to the organic applique shapes.

The PDF pattern includes the full size templates, and a coloring page. There are plenty of illustrations, and even a brief explnaion of the starch applique method. Find all my patterns in my shop and get started on your "Bye, Bye Butterfly" quilt today!

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