Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Who Doesn't Love Options?

My Jeweled Kaleidoscope quilt pattern is now in the hands of my pattern testers, and I'm really loving seeing so many takes on the same block! Be sure to check out what's happening on Instagram (#jeweledkaleidoscopequilt)... everyone has their own signature style and favorite fabrics. Oh, by the way... did I happen to mention that my pattern comes in two different sizes and an optional version?

The pattern is also available in a 18" mini size, which is perfect for pillows, wall hangings, etc. This pillow is for my living room and I love it! This is not only the mini version, but also the optional version without the circle appliques. (I realize that applique is perhaps not everyone's cup of tea)

I've been working a lot in EQ7 and playing around with different color variations, which is where I originally came up with this warm color version on a dark Essex linen background. I think it really takes on a totally different look, don't you?

So, from there, I thought it would be fun to see what the same mini looks like in cool colors... hmmm, I think I might be onto something here. The advantage of such a program, is that it's so much fun working with your stash fabrics without making a mess!

My Jeweled Kaleidoscope quilt is set to release October 12th, so stay tuned for more projects from my first quilt pattern!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Finished Edge Foil Applique VIDEO!

Every quilter has their own list of favorite and least favorite techniques for finishing quilt blocks. I have always loved applique, but what I have not always loved is a zig-zag finish. Many of the quilting techniques that I've explored have been my attempt to have a clean, finished egde when I applique: thus the reason you see so much freezer paper and reverse applique projects at the top of my list.

Sometime ago, I had stumbled onto Anna Maria Horner's technique for finishing circles... can I just say brilliant?!? I used this method to finish the circles in my to-be-released Jeweled Kaleidoscope pattern (October 12th), and you may remember my Facing East quilt. While I was writing the instructions for my pattern, I decided that I wanted to do a video of this technique, firstly as a reference to go along with my pattern, and secondly because often seeing something demonstrated can make a world of difference on how much head scratching goes on while trying to figure it out.

So, what's your favorite applique method?

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jeweled Kaleidoscope Pattern Reveal!

Sometimes when you've been working on something so intensely with no end in sight, once the light at the end of the tunnel moment comes, it's hard to believe when you actually make it out on the other side at the finish line! I've teased, hinted, and showed little sneak peeks for so long, that I can tease and hint no more... now I can finally share my very first pattern - Jeweled Kaleidoscope!

I have to admit that it's been really hard to keep a project like this under wraps! Behind the scenes there is so much going on that can't be shared which gives the appearance of not much going on. Well, the cat's out of the bag and I'm now ready to talk about it... a lot!

The quilt is a combination of foundation paper piecing and applique, and was my first quilt that I sent out to be quilted. If sending your kids off to college is anywhere on the same level as sending off this quilt, then it appears that I really have some work ahead of me!?!

Iva did such an amazing job on the quilting and I couldn't be more pleased. We kicked around several design ideas before we decided on the final quilting... talk about her being patient with this picky customer!?! I really love how she highlighted the circle applique with some incredible ruler work.

The next step is the pattern testing phase and a planned official release in the next 3-4 weeks. I am looking for pattern testers, so if you're interested, then let me know (and if you've tested for anyone before). Now that the silence has been broken, and I can't wait to share more with you over the next weeks!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Such A Tease

Did anyone ever tease you in school? We've all been teased, and when it happened it wasn't always fun... but sometimes the person that did the teasing might have done it because they actually liked you. Pause... hmmm, with that being said, what do you think about just a little teasing today? I'm certainly hoping that this is the kind of teasing that you like!

I am in the home stretch of completing my first pattern and hope to share it next week! (eekk!) On such an endeavor, there is always so much behind the scenes things that have to be done before hitting that official launch button. On one hand it's a great feeling of satisfaction to be so far, but what that actually means is that I have been on the computer a lot more than at the sewing machine these days. On the plus side, my EQ7 program and I have gotten to know each other quite well, but as with all relationships, there are some days that you like each other and some days that you don't.

This is my first quilt to be quilted by someone else. Just look at the amazing quilting that Iva at Schnigschag Quilts and More did on my quilt... absolutely stunning, don't you think? Another first is that this is the first backing that I have not pieced. Somehow when I thought about how I wanted to finish this quilt, there were no questions asked... this Tula Pink "Freefall" wideback fabric was the ONLY thing that in my mind was the perfect fit.

So, for the official status of things: Quilt is quilted? - check. First draft is finished? - check. Paper pieicng templates finished? - check? Binding and photos are planned for this week and I still am working on some shop issues... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... can you?

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