Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Süsses Erbslein

So now that the upcoming baby news is out of the bag, I thought that I would back track a bit and fill you in a little more about my ribbons and share a few behind the scenes about the whole designing process. But first things first... I thought you might be interested in how I came up with the name "Sweetpea Designs".

I've shared with you before that nicknames for children or one's special "sweetheart" are a lot different here in Germany than they are in the States. I can't really say that I know where I came up with the special nickname for our little guy, or if I even know anyone else who calls their little tyke the same, but since our little man came into our lives, I have been calling him, "Sweetpea".

I suppose that "Sweet pea" could have two meanings... a tender or sweet vegetable pea, or also associated with the word is a fragrant, climbing, flowering plant that one finds often in Mediterranean regions (Duftende Platterbse)... either way the name stuck.

So after much back and forth, I just couldn't get away from the name, and thus we decided to launch my ribbons under the label of "Sweetpea Designs"... and that's how the name was born, or should I say blossomed.

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  1. It is perfect! I can't wait to see this newest edition. I hope you will post a picture!


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