Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Season

I figured that perhaps it is time that I break you all in slowly... there are some of you that have been with me for a while, some that have just recently joined in, but however long you have been here, you might have picked up that I am ready to go into a new season in my life.

I remember the first time that my husband and I met with our midwife and she gave us a chart of the 40 weeks of pregnancy and what to expect at each week, and I thought to myself.... Wow, I can't believe how far off it is until "baby" gets here. But now is that time, just seven weeks away when I realize that I don't have much time to process anymore... that the knowing in my head that my life, our lives, will change... is almost a reality. I can't say that I really know what is ahead of me... or what this new little person will be like...

So, I imagine that things around here will be a little less about what I am creating, much less frequent, and perhaps quite different topics than what one usually sees. I promise to not let this turn into an "all about baby" blog, but I assume that you can guess what theme will dominate for some time.

This week we made a little addition to an empty corner of our bedroom... have you ever had the sensation that you never realized that you had an empty corner in your room until you filled it with with the right furniture piece? I am honored that this special piece has kept many babies in my husband's family, including him, comfortable and warm throughout the years... dating all the way back to a precious great, great grandmother as a tiny baby. When my husband was born, his grandmother had sewn a sweet canopy to adorn the crib, and perhaps one day when our "baby cookie" is grown and starts a family of their own, I will be able to do the same.

... but until then, this family heirloom, that looks like it was custom made, is sitting in the corner of our room reminding us that our precious one will be coming very soon... bringing a new, exciting, and quite unknown season with them.


  1. I am overwhelmed with feelings of beauty (and I am not the one expecting).

    I joined you when I read your beautiful introduction, so it must be many weeks ago.

    Everything looked ready and perfect. I am happy for you.

  2. it looks beautiful. we had a similar one that was given to us by jorge´s parents. it had been used by him and his brothers and sisters. then by the grandchildren. it´s a wonderful feeling when you are given something with so much history. hugs!

  3. How amazing that the lovely piece of furniture has made its way to you :-) yes looks like it was custom made for you.:-) Take carex

  4. That's such a lovely bassinet, complete with the sweet "himmel"!


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