Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're Back! Park & Garden 2010

This last December we received our invitation to return as exhibitors to the Park & Garden Country Fair at Gut Stocksee. At that time I was still rubbing my very pregnant belly trying to decide if doing such a show would be "do-able" with a little one that we had never met... not knowing if our baby would be a happy, easy-going baby or the kind that never seems to be satisfied with anything and crying all the time. One really could say that when we sent in our application confirming that we were coming, it was really stepping out.

So, I guess you might be expecting my update from the weekend to be a flowery and over the top narrative of the breathtaking and awe-inspiring blossoms, landscapes, and booths filled with trinkets and treasures to make one literally drool... just like last year (I never realized I could write such nonsense until I read it again!)

... but between managing the booth, the baby, and all the customers coming in and out, I didn't make it out that often. The first day was too cold and rainy, the second too hot and humid, the third was too busy, and the last day I was just simply too tired... and so was the little one. There were so many impressions for him... new sounds and noises, new things too look at, and people he had never seen that I got the feeling that he just needed to be close to me.

... so I packed him in our baby carrier, and three hours later when he awoke, he was like a new man. These past few days we have been snuggling and catching up on much lost sleep for the both of us, enjoying the comfort and familiarity of home. Looking back, I think I must have lost my mind to tote a little one to such an event, but he came through it like a trooper.

... I have to say, there is nothing like a super cute baby (especially when he is being toted around by his daddy) that attracts people to a booth any faster.


  1. It's hard to manage it all and a new born..maybe next year. But it sounds like it was a good event just the same.

  2. Hello Allison,

    I have not visited you in a while. I "met" you when you wrote that beautiful letter introducing him to us and now he is here.

    Congratulations on your new precious one, he is the cutest baby in the whole wide world - I know he is by looking at his mother's hand :)

  3. I am glad it all worked out! You will be surprised at the things you manage with children. Wait to you have your first airplane ride and going through customs.


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