Monday, June 7, 2010

Park & Garden 2010

This week our show starts and I am busy sewing, pricing, packing, and working on a super long checklist to prepare for the long weekend. It really is amazing the things that one needs to take to a show as an exhibitor... not to mention all the things we need for baby. That's right, it's the little one's first show!

With all that being said, I will leave you this week with a few pictures that I found on the Park and Garden website. The grounds really are beautiful and somehow, even though it is so much work to do a show, with such surroundings, beautiful weather, great neighbors, and meeting new people, it almost doesn't seem like work.

So if you happen to be in Northern Germany and are looking for a way to spend your weekend relaxing and enjying it with family or friends, needing to be inspired by flowers and breathtaking gardens, with a comfy place to enjoy and afternoon for coffee and cake... please stop by to say hello. If not, then I'll be back next week with all the photos and an update (that is if I can get away to take some pictures) Hope to see you there!


  1. looks lovely! i think i remember this from last year:)...

  2. What a beautiful location! I hope your show is a huge sucess!

  3. lovely pics... good luck with the show... are they cabbage roses????

  4. Beautiful gardens. Good luck on your exhibition, how exciting!

    Greetings from a Mexican Mommy living in Europe


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