Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Folks

Anna Maria Horner, American fabric designer and mother of six, described what was her inspiration for her most recent fabric collection, "Good Folks" ...

"Old European linens. Family. Hand-loomed wool bedspreads. Meals. Fields. Embroidery. Needlepoint kits that I spent summers in Greece as a child occupied with. The icons of the village churches. Layer upon layer of mismatched bed linens piled on top of my floor palette in the upper room of my Yiayia's house to keep me warm even though it was the middle of the summer. Tablecloths drying in the sun. Memories of what my cousin's dowry of linens looked like. All the details. All the work. All the warmth. All the good wishes. Weddings. Wine. Love. Goodness."

Right now it's hard for me to think about working on fall and winter purses when all I want to do is grab the brightest and loudest fabric from the stack. I am planning to sew a few purses out of these last two fabrics. The deeper plum tones mixed with purples would work great with browns and muted tones of the season.

What inspires you to create?


  1. These are amazing. Well, besides my blogging buddies, I think nature inspires creativity --the colors and the textures. Also, coming in conversation with creative people -- new ideas often bubble out!

  2. These are amazing colours, design helps me to be creative. I do ceramic painting now and again. I used to do lots of it, but at the moment run out of ideas, and inspiration. It will come back I am sure.

    Sometimes I will see a card or postcard that will give me an idea, or sometimes things will pop up in me.

  3. Eine wundervolle Kollektion. Ich hab schon lange ein Auge auf die oilcloth version von Small Fortune Sun geworfen, aber noch nicht geschafft etwas davon zu bestellen... Das muss ich unbedingt machen!
    Liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt,

  4. the colors are wondeful...I wish I could make pillow


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