Friday, March 18, 2011

Hippity-Hop Projects

So, do you have any weekend projects planned? As promised I thought I'd pass on a couple ideas using the "Hippity-Hop" Friends pattern.

Don't know what your sweet little one should wear for Easter? ... a simple T-shirt, your favortie fabric, "wunder-under" (Vliesofix), stitch-stitch, and add a bow and you're done! (P.S. just is case you went that way, this is NO hint of any little ones to come... I have FOUR nieces, you know)
Wouldn't this fabric also make a sweet matching skirt? From Tula Pink's Hushabye collection.

It seems as if I've been stuck on "Easter Deco" projects, but this time with a little different application. I really love to combine different mediums and why not combine sewing with jewelry making for a "Hippity-Hop" Friends window hanger... could there be anything better than to combine two things you love?!?

You'll need:

Flat Head Pliers

Jewelry stringing wire

Crimp Beads

Selection of matching beads


Double-sided interfacing (Vliesofix)

Thread and embellishments (ribbons, etc.)

Cut the length of your stringing wire as desired. I would suggest to cut a little extra and trim later as needed... better to end up too long than too short. Make a loop at the top for the hanger. String a crimp bead and using your flat head pliers, crimp the bead flat so the loop is held in place.

String a bead on the jewelry wire and then followed by a crimp bead. Crimp the bead and your bead will stay in place.
Continue stringing desired beads in place and crimp after each one.

Using the same technique from the "Easter Deco"
tutorial, cut out desired shape (here I used the easter egg and the small "Hippity Hop" friend). Sandwich the wire in between your shape and iron in place *NOTE: be very careful when you iron that you do not get too close to your wire. Many jewelry wires have a coating on them and could melt if exposed to high heat.

Add a crimp bead after your fabric shape, just like after the beads, and crimp in place.

Continue beading and fabric shapes until you ha
ve reached your desired length. Find a lonely window, door, wall or wherever that needs a little decoration and hang.

There you have it... So easy, so fun. Happy weekend


  1. Way to adorable! I think I am going to have to inlist my mother to make a onesie with this bunny on it for our little princess for next spring. Now, I need to go find my easter decorations and get busy.

  2. Hey Allison!! :)

    I am hoping you got my order from Friday for fabric. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I think of you so often "da oben" and hope all is well in Norderstedt! "Hier unten" ist alles Klar. I am so happy to see your sweet creative projects. I am sorry I have not stopped by in a while. But you are always on my mind (still thinking about a tea together in Eppendorf....) xo

  3. Hallo Allison, Dein Päckchen ist am Samstag bei mir angekommen. Liebsten Dank nochmal die SToffe sind wunderschön. LG Rike

  4. Hallo Allison!
    Der Hase ist wirklich herzallerliebst. Mal sehen, ob ich noch die Zeit finde, ein kleines Mädchen bis Ostern damit zu beglücken.
    Viele Grüße,

  5. so schön wieder!!!
    mit den perlen sieht alles noch bezaubernder aus.
    danke dir...musste dich gleich wieder verlinken..:)

    liebe grüße, doro.


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