Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For my husband's "birthday table" I wanted to do something really special. For the table decorations I made a small, simple wreath from birch twigs, added a sprig of forget-me-not's and a delicate white flower, wrapped them in moss, added a petite speckled bird's egg, and perched it atop a cognac glass... and done. It doesn't get any easier than that! Each person had their own personal flower arrangement... sweet, don't you think? What do you do for spring or Easter decoration... fresh flowers? Lots colors or muted and soft?

So, für den Geburtstagstisch für meiner Mann, habe ich gedacht dass es unbedingt schön sein muss. Einen einfachen kleinen Kranz aus Birkenzweigen, Vergissmeinnicht, eine süße Wiesenblume, eingewickelt in Moos, zierliche gesprenkelte Vogeleier, auf einem Congnac-Glas und fertig... einfacher geht es nicht! Jeder hatte seine eigene Tischdeko... süß, nicht? Was macht Ihr für Frühling oder Osterdeko... frische Blumen? Viele Farben oder gedeckt und sanft?

  Did you know that in Germany, even at age 80, the person is still called the "birthday child". Usually a "Geburtstagstisch" (birthday table) is set up and decorated where all the birthday presents are displayed. In my husband's family the birthday child is to stay in their room in the morning until everyone gathers outside their door to sing a birthday song. It is also a tradition that the birthday child has a small "kranz" (wreath) of evergreen, ivy, or other greenery around their place setting... birthdays are really special here and I love that about living in Germany. Do you have any special birthday traditions?


  1. So love your table decorations. So sweet! Right now we have a big potted lavender plant as part of our easter decorations along with some ivy.

  2. they do sound special. here they pull on your ear. just isn´t the same... ;)

  3. Jane, that sounds... um, interesting! Why the ear pulling?

    Back to my days on the other side of the pond, I never understood why the birthday child was supposed to get a spank for every year... hmmmpfh, also wierd.

  4. I love it! So classy and organic! We do the birthday tisch and presents in the AM...although I may be in the US this yr for my b-day, so I'm curious as to how it goes.

    I have to say that I like how in the US the friends/family of the birthday person pay for and/or organize the celebration. Now that I'm here in Germany it feels so depressing to have to do it all for yourself! =P

  5. Precious. I've got a little table envy going on :-). What a lucky husband!!

  6. I love your blog, I could've left a comment on each post! I am learning about German culture and your blog and the German translations are proving very nice and helpful indeed!
    Have a Happy Easter!

  7. Tolle Tischdekoration. Schöne Anregung und der Hase ist toll. Schade, dass ich erst so spät darauf aufmerksam wurde. Schöne Osterfeiertage noch.

  8. Juliette... oh, sounds like fun. Is there any room in your suitcase? Makes me a little homesick.

    Yeah, I found it to be quite different that one plans their own birthday celebration here.

    Julie, I had been wondering where you've been?!?

    Sewandthecity, it really takes some time. German is not an easy language, and I still struggle. It really takes years to learn all the fine differences of a language that makes one completely fluent.

    Inge, willkommen! Hopefully I will be able to keep some inpiration coming. Scöne Grüße!

  9. Very sweet! I like to add individual flower arrangements at each place setting so I'll remember this idea. Perhaps it will be for Easter this year. '-)
    My grandmother was German, and I was a child of the 50s. She would wrap a nickel in wax paper and then cook it in the birthday cake. I honestly don't know how she did it, but the nickel always showed up in the birthday child's piece of cake. I loved that tradition and would have continued it had we had children. Thanks for bringing this sweet memory to mind. I've not thought of it for many long years. '-)
    Happy Birthday to your husband!


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