Monday, June 18, 2012

Park & Garden 2012

Since this year we added so much to our booth at our exhibit, I thought that it might be nice to reveal it section by section this time. My goal was to feature a few fabric collections to give visitors ideas and show what one can make with certain fabrics.

One of our main featured fabric collections was "Garden of Delights" by Jules Davis for Blend Fabrics. These fabrics are not only a tasty treat for the eyes, but have a super quality and feel. The garden themed fabric was the perfect feature collection for such a show.

...pillows perfect for a favorite wicker chair, straw garden hats with fabric accents, light and airy summers skirts, brightly accented shopping bags, and fabric baskets filled with flowers featured just how versatile this summer collection is.

These really great Gamaschen (boot covers) were the talk of the show. People just couldn't walk by without making a comment about them. I got the pattern from Smila's book "Für Dich Genäht". If you're going to get dirty, why not look good while you're doing it, right?

How could I forget about all my non-sewing customers with these pinwheels made in bright and juicy colors? Remember them from here?

This was a really super fun downloadable pattern that I stumbled onto a while back, and knew I had to make them using this collection. Really easy and with a video too! Pin cushions, jewelry stands, or sweet decorative accents in a boring corner... I'll let you decide.

So, this was just round one... still a few booth shots to show, but I figured that this might whet your appetite.

Ready for more?....


  1. Allo Allison,
    Dlein Stand war toll und ich kam, wie immer, an Deinen schönen Stoffen nicht vorbei. Allerdings ist noch offen, was ich damit mache. Aber sicher kommt mir irgendwann die zündende Idee.
    LG Lydia

  2. Everything looks just great! Wonderful ideas...and delightful fabrics! I look forward to your next post! Have a nice week! Simone

  3. Allison, this looks AMAZING! If you ever had to set up a booth at Quilt Market you would totally get a prize! The spats are total genius, so major props to Smila for adding them to her book -awesome to have something so avidly discussed in your booth, too! =D

  4. So beautiful! Everything looks so loving, the colours gave the right summerflash.


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