Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sometimes between spliting time between our newborn "snuggle-bug" and his active whirlwind big brother, I do get a chance to sneak away and do something creative. It doesn't happen often right now, my time is extremely limited, and I think that if I am able to sew five strips of fabric together that it was a really good day. My projects are small, and seem to take an eternity until they are finished, but for now I am happy for those few moments that I do get.

What is inspiring me these days is a project using paper, fabric and buttons. (Oh, how I love buttons!) Usually when I use any of my beloved buttons, it is hard for me to let them go. Yes, I admit it... I am a hoarder. I like to keep those special buttons because they are... well, special. So, I decided to scan them in instead... and thus no tearful partings with any of my beloved notions. Do you like to hold onto things too instead of using them?

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  1. That collection of buttons would look fantastic framed and hung on a wall. Have a great week! It gets easier!


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