Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back on the Saddle Again!

... just in case you were wondering, no, 40 didn't send me into a great depression, but just really busy with some big projects. Wanna sneak peak?

... so, how are you?


  1. Liebe Allison, sieht alles wunderschön aus & vielversprechend! Bin froh, wieder von dir zu hören! Das Leben ist ein Auf und Ab ;-)

  2. hey allison!
    didn't notice that you've turned 40! hups! happy birthday! i guess, you've had one, huh? :)
    well, i'm turning 41 this year and hey - no depression at all, too! 40 is the new 30!
    lovely pics, btw, i'm curious what is it all about.
    frau s.

  3. Astrid... with so little sleep these days life feels like it is more down than up, but thankfully getting teeth is only a phase!

    ... frau s., tja, birthday kinda fell through the cracks this year, but just because babysitting plans didn't work out. Good to hear that I am still in trend ; ) I still remember the days that I thought 40 was ancient!

    so, to feed your curiousity, this is the beginning of prepeartions for a show that I am doing the end of August. Still lots to do before the "big reveal"... unfortunately more sewing than revealing.

  4. Love the necklace! Good luck with your show this year!


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