Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Freshly Watered" a Proper Introduction

Since last year was such a huge whirlwind for me,  I never really had a chance to make a proper introduction for something that was pretty major for me. This past year I was able to add new colors and designs to my exsisting ribbon collection!

So, I continued with the theme "Freshly Watered" and added cute watering cans and swirling tulips to the sweet flower girl and garden friends ribbons.

It really is super fullfilling to see your own sketches and doodlings realized in something tangable. Stay tuned for a couple ribbon projects in the next weeks.

Spring is just around the corner... I can hardly wait, and you?


  1. I love your ribbons, can you show how you are using them in your sewing. I think they might be cute for something for a little girl clothing.

  2. Kelleyn, these most certainly have "little girl's dresses" written all over them, and now that you have two, twice the fun! Congratulations by the way... very exciting for you!

  3. Look at you go! I think the twisting tulip is such a clever pattern idea for a ribbon; lots of movement in a small space!

    You know I'm waiting for you to do a fabric line, right? ;-)

  4. Well, Jules, there's a reason why it is often said to not hold one's breath...

    hmmmm... same rule applies in this case.


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