Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Starting Small

So a while back I shared my grandiose plans of quilt after quilt, knowing that everyday life, children, work, and general creative distractions might be a challenge for their completion. While today is not the big reveal of those started quilts, I have been working with various quilt patterns and techniques in the meantime. In fact I have two other quilt projects in the process in addition to my first two! I know, I know, not the best way to start out, but I have made significant progress with all of them.

This pattern is from fabric and quilt designer, Camille Roskelley. If you are looking to start quilting, let me highly recommend her patterns... simple and straight to the point without a lot of unnecessary text. 

So, the original Spools pattern, as you might guess, is a lot bigger and obviously has more spools, but I liked the idea of a quick little mini quilt.... getting to know the process and more practice before I tackle the big ones.

  What a cute little mini wall decoration, right?

Recognize this sweet little fawn nestled in a bed of flowers?

Fabrics: Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine.


  1. Ist die Idee toll , Große Klasse . Da bekommt man gleich Lust , Das nach zu nähen

    LG Heidi

  2. Hallo Heidi, ja, das Schnittmuster ist wirklich toll - und auch sehr einfach zu befolgen.


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