Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Not Quite My "Tah-Dah" Moment

I read a post this past week with tips for bloggers suggesting a few do's and don't's for what readers are looking for (or not looking for) when they visit sewing/quilting blogs. The tip that will always provide the biggest challenge for me is to keep text/content short. For a long-winded gal like me, who actually considers this my personal online journal that others just happen to be able to peek in and read, I don't seem to know any other way to do it. 

Another suggestion is that readers like to see progress.... not only pretty stacks of fabrics or one WIP after the other... but results. According to her feedback, most people like to see the process rather than just the tah-dah moment. So, with that being said and the middle of the year drawing close, I thought it would be appropriate to give a status update on my two quilts in progress:

Camille Roskelley quilt pattern, "Swell" from Simply Retro (shown only in part until final reveal)

Started: February 2014
Fabrics: Various Amy Butler collections and Kona Cotton white
Current Status: Pieced top completed except for border
Issues: Completed listed size and decided to make larger. Indecisive about whether to put border as shown in original quilt or continue design and make larger?

Carolyn Freidlander quilt pattern, "Facing East" from Savor Each Stitch (finished blocks for a lap quilt size)

Started: January 2015
Fabrics: Various low volume backgrounds, Basic Grey grunges, and Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler, and various additional prints.
Issues: Completed lap size, but indecisive about making it biggger. Quilting concerns about how to quilt as a new quilter - quilt as you go or have it professionally quilted?

I guess I kind of view quilting as a race for a long distance runner. So far I have been a short distance sprinter, and am having to train for a whole new kind of race... one where I will need to increase my stamina and focus. I've wanted to just stop the race now and finish my two quilts as they are, but my husband (who is 6' 5", 195 cm and actually needs a long quilt) and my quilting friend have been rooting me on from the sidelines to push myself further and go the extra mile. 

Does quilting ever seem like a long distance race to you? Do you get discouraged when you have such set backs? (i.e. thinking you are almost done with a quilt and then realizing you need to make it bigger)

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  1. I think your content is just perfect! I am not a quilter, but I do like to see your work. It is so lovely.

  2. Your facing east quilt is beautiful! Love all of the colors!

  3. I think you should add a border but choose a killer pattern instead of doing a white border. It will look amazing. And yes, when I get done and realize I made a mistake or want to make it bigger sometimes I am more tempted to abandon the project than finish it. I always try to power through so I can move on to the next quilt that is jumping around in my mind!

  4. I'm a new quilter as well. I've just started FMQ over my last few quilts. I love the patterns and colors in Facing East. I found that my first FMQ efforts worked best using a walking foot, with straight lines

  5. Love love your facing east quilt! Just so gorgeous. Vibrant colors are what get me!

  6. I chuckled when I read the first line of your post about having too much text. I had just grumbled about the option to link up with instagram and just post a photo. Only a photo is hard to comment on with any depth. What can I say but "nice" or "like the colors" or "I have that pattern, too". I take time in comments I give to others that take a bit of time to read to show I really looked at their post. I read the do's and don't post that you linked to about what readers want in blog content and agreed with most of it. Please do not cut out the text. After all I want to READ a blog. I actually find the giveaways a bit of a distraction and a mild turn-off but I enjoy reading about the process and how someone got where they did. I can empathize with their mistakes and struggles and learn something at the same time. Yes, I am wordy ( note this comment) but truth is I enjoy writing that text and doing so solidifies in my mind the process that I just went through. I pepper my posts with photos at each stage (I keep my camera in my sewing room) and feel those who just want the pictures can skim the text. And, truth be told, there has been more than once that I went back to a post to see how I did something. I am going to add you to my list of blogs I read so please keep writing. I love your blog title. Coincidentally, please see this:

  7. I found you via Lee's WIP link and wish I had time to browse back and snoop around the blog more. Personally, I'm a super long winded blogger too so it all depends on WHY you blog. Sure it's nice to have followers and appreciate comments but I'm in the mindset that you should really be true to yourself and things that are important or that feel right are a much better judge.

  8. Both your in process quilts are quite nice. I often find myself letting something sit awhile when I'm unsure of how it's going. Have one on the design right now that's just not working.

  9. Just when you think you're almost done, you realise you've still got a ways to go. That's totally normal, even for the seasoned pros. Just pace yourself, and have champagne on standby!

  10. I can do a large quilt top - no problem, but then you have to make a quilt sandwich and baste them (my poor knees) and quilt them (small domestic sewing machine) - that is when I run out of steam. Love the colour in your new quilts.

    My blog posts vary - some short, some long, sometimes lots of photos, sometimes not. I like what you do, so I read what you write.

  11. When there is little text, I am left wanting to know more. I suppose when people have hundreds of blogs on their reading list, they are just in a rush to move from one to the next. I only keep up with a handful (granted, a large handful ;-) of blogs, so I like to savor and enjoy and learn and glean and be inspired. But then, I've never been one to follow the crowd.....

    I'm not a huge fan of borders for the sake of borders, but sometimes they can really add to the quilt (without it appearing as if you added borders simply to make the quilt larger...) The Swell quilt (which is so cheerful and lovely :-) I would just make more blocks and continue the design. Facing East. Hmmm That is so stunning! But I can see how you could be weary of it. Not all the quilts have to fit your hubby, right? ;-)

    Happy long distances ~ Tracy

  12. Hi, I've just found you on Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday, and so glad I did! Your quilts are beautiful, and I love you fabric choices! I too sometimes find it hard-going with my blogging, I do tend to ramble sometimes, but I think an even mixture of words and pics makes an interesting blog, as a quilter I love reading about other's progress and their processes, and I hope our blogs also let non-quilters realise the hard work and time spent on making these pieces of art!


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