Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Realistic Quilting

When it comes to my quilting projects, I feel that I am somewhat of a realist. It's never been my goal, or intention, to whip out one quilt after the next as fast as one can blink... in fact I've actually intended my long term projects to be just that, and something that I work on throughout the year. I want to enjoy the process, and be satisfied that a quilt is not something that is just thrown together over a weekend. (well not at least for normal people anyway)  I want the freedom to set something to the side if I am not feeling motivated or inspired, and pick it back up when if feels right. While finishing is so vital, setting time constraints for when is not. I've enjoyed moving at a snail's pace despite the fact that I know that such a pace does not exactly grow blog readership, but my projects are growing little by little, bit by bit... and believe it or not, I'm OK with that. As for the progress on my Facing East quilt... talk about a not-done-overnight quilt, yup, you're looking at the epitome of it!

Last week I shared my Scrappy Windmill quilt top finish, and after peeling all those papers out of the seams, I was more than ready to set it aside. Since it came together so quickly, I gave myself the liberty to do so, not to mention that I am waiting on the batting to finish it. My husband graciously took our two little guys for the weekend, and I was able to have some time to myself. Usually my sewing room is an explosion after being granted such freedom, but I had several things to ponder in my heart... thoughts of change, unanswered questions, and what if's. Things are shifting and moving, and the quiet and stillness was just what I needed. But nonetheless, after working so intensely on the quilt top, I just wasn't ready to pull out one of my tedious, long-term quilts.

You may remember me adding a few,... er, well, ahumm, several... ok, ok, a huge stack of fabrics that I hauled back recently from vacation. And while in the land of fabrics, I found that I simply could not resist the Farm Girl Vintage book from Lori Holt either. While these blocks are a little off the beaten path from my usual style, I found myself gravitating back to it.

You might notice several of those fabrics all sliced, diced, and sewn up together in these blocks. Working with low volumes with a little touch of color has been on my to do list, and up until now, my low volume's have essentially been black in the black/white category.

Somehow I'm still stuck on going for a fresh and juicy look... I really want to have colors that just pop! When I first saw the Word find fabric from Melody Miller's Playful collection, I have to admit that I wasn't too impressed... until I saw it live! Talk about a story change... for me THIS is the absolute perfect shade of pink!

... and my little house block ends up boasting not just one, but several favorites of mine... Alison Glass, Heather Ross, Cori Dantini, and I am just as smitten with the Eric & Julie Comstock Baby Jane in yellow.

What's your approach on long-term quilting? Do you take on year-long (or longer) projects or do you prefer quilts that don't need as much time to finish? 

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  1. Your design wall looks fantastic! Love those Facing East blocks, Allison. And your Farm Girl blocks are gorgeous, too. Love your fabric choices. I am a big fan of bright and splashy colours, too!

  2. Hi, just popped over via Sew Fresh Designs. I was just mulling over this very question driving home this evening. I am working to a deadline at the moment and have to say not enjoying it very much. I love having several projects on the go at the same time so you can do what feels right at the time. Loving the Cori Dantini fabric in the windows. I bought some last year that I haven't cut into yet and love this use.

  3. I am very much like you, Allison: a slow quilter. I take my time to decide on blocks, on fabrics, on layouts. I'm not a speedy machine stitcher and when the blocks are finally sewn, I take my time to choose borders (or not), choose or sew a back, and layer. To add to the slowness, I hand quilt. I don't think I've ever finished more than three quilts in a year, if that many. It doesn't make for great blogging but I enjoy the process.

    Those blocks with the radiating colors (is that the one you call East Facing?) is stunning. It is knock-your-socks-off gloriously beautiful!

  4. I love those little house blocks! So cute with the ladies in the windows(:

  5. I love your views in the widows of your house block ~ what perfect (and perfectly lovely!) fabric!!

    I always feel the need to be so productive when I have an empty house all to myself, but perhaps, in the long run, I would be more productive if I just spent some time being *still* when I am alone.

    Your Facing East is looking soooo good!
    I love to enjoy the process, but admit that sometimes, I just want a quick finish ;-) (that said, my EPP that I thought might take about 2 years is looking like it may be more like 4 or 5...) Sometimes I feel the need to rush on (and plow through when I'm not 'feeling it') because I'm afraid if I set it aside for a bit, I'll forget something important about my process (Yes. I realize this is silly - I could just make myself some notes, for goodness sake! sigh.)

    Happy sewing, fast & slow ~ Tracy


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