Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello 2017!

To know how to move forward for this year, I thought that it would be helpful for me to look back through my previous posts to see where I stood with what I had set out to accomplish for the year, and then for each quarter. For starters, I ended up finishing ALL of my quarterly goals! My yearly goals, however, shifted and transitioned a lot, which is not to say that I didn't leave 2016 without a good number of finishes. I was able to finish six quilts, one of which was my own pattern! I had several finishes that never made it on my Finish-A-Long list, mostly because I thought that I would be working on other projects instead.

General Goals:

1. For the first time, I am trying to work with a yearly planner for my sewing projects. I know some of you organization experts out there might have just let out a gasp at that one, but I suppose I've not felt the need for it since sewing has been my hobby and not my work...

2. Right now my main goal for the year is that I would like to transition from a hobby quilter to a professional quilt pattern designer. I suppose that I'm on the way, but releasing my next two patterns this year would make it feel like I'm there.

3. One of my quarterly goals from 2016 that I'm carrying over, and that I am quite happy with, is that I've made a good amount of headway with learning EQ7. Now don't get me wrong... I have definitely not arrived, but I'm pleased with how far I've come, especially considering the number of throw-your-computer-out-the-window moments I've had.

4. Working outside our comfort zone is just that... uncomfortable, which is why I want to push myself to take on more free motion quilting projects.

Project/ yearly goals (aka what's on my plate):

1. I'm so excited to be at the finish line for my second quilt! I'm planning on sending out the top to be quilted this month, and will share very soon. Oh, I will be looking for intermediate to advanced quilters to test it... did I mention curves, applique, and traditional piecing?

2. My second pattern is, at least style wise, quite different than my first pattern. I have finished the top of a small project from that pattern, and this is where I get to stretch myself with some free motion quilting practice.

3/4. If you're going to have an Alison Glass project in the works... then why not two? I shared on Instagram another Jeweled Kaleidoscope in the works with Alison's upcoming Sun Print 2017 collection (everyone say it together now... yum!)... and then sometimes when you're on the right path, inspiration taps you on the shoulder and says "hey, should we go the other way?" (aka 2nd project)

5. My Anna Maria Horner quilt is not exactly a "new" quilt, but my first quilt WIP that was re-birthed because of an IG link up party. I was fully ready to let this one sit and collect dust, but pulling is back out is more satisfying than expected.

6. The backing for my Bee Quilt is almost done, and then I just have to baste and quilt it. This was an extra project that I may not have started had it not been for the bee, but it will be a fun one to work on and finish.

7. My Half Square Triangle quilt started as an effort to use up some of those pretty left over snippits from various projects. This just grew, and grew, and now I realize that this too will have to have a backburner status. This is the latest layout that I've been playing around... hmmm, still up in the air.

8. My thrid quilt pattern is low priority, at least on the first half of the year. The whole project is cut and ready to go, and perfect for those take it with you projects that I need for our HH Patchwork Meetings. I have my projects sorted and ready to grab and go.

9. Now that our new bed is here, I pulled the Green Smoothie quilt back out to work on only to find out that my husband and I are not in agreement about the design layout. I really value his opinion, and since he is sleeping under it too, then I'll at least let him his say. Status: backburner

10. I have been drooling over Stitched In Color's Penny Sampler quilt for a REALLY long time now... I'm a sucker for samplers. This is my distraction along the way quilt when I am feeling the need to mix things up and take a breather. Since it is a 12 month QAL, it feels totally doable.

Gulp, when I see all those ten projects in black and white, then I realize that I've pretty much got my whole year planned out... and that doens't include distractions!?! Even as much as I like to juggle multiple projects, this might even push my limit. I suppose there's not time like the present, right?

... did you happen to notice what's so special about today?
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  1. Beautiful projects! I love what you figured out for the HST quilt. Hope I will get to test pattern number 2.

  2. I did notice '10 Years'. Is it your wedding anniversary? Or maybe your blogging anniversary???

    1. ding, ding, ding... yes, it's our 10 year wedding anniversary. Flowers, dinner date, and new sewing machine are planned!

  3. Great goals. Your second quilt sounds intriguing, and I love the idea of a grab and go project instead of me running about like a headless chicken trying to sort something to tale to my monthly group meeting.

  4. Your list looks similar to mine. When I listed my projects for the year it pretty much filled the year. : ) I look forward to seeing more of your work, the second quilt looks especially intriguing to me!

  5. I also like the idea of a grab & go project. Happy Anniversary!

  6. After stopping the drooling - love that new AG fabric and the quilt - and your HSTs design ... Happy Anniversary !!!

  7. Congrats on your TEN year anniversary. Very Special.

  8. New sewing machine for the 10th anniversary...? Perfect! :-) I love your work and am looking forward to your 2017 projects! Let's make it a goal to meet in person one day ;-)

  9. Awww! Happy Anniversary! You have a wonderful year of sewing planned! I look forward to seeing all your progress!!

  10. So many fantastic projects! You can totally put a dent on these this quarter. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.

  11. You do have a busy year a head of you. It's all very pretty and exciting though, especially with all that Alison Glass fabric!!

  12. Great job on your finishes from last year. It's pretty exciting to make a quilt from your own pattern. Your projects are so beautiful, good luck. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts

  13. What a beautiful list of projects, I wish you success! Congratulations on your anniversary, that's very special.

  14. Late to the show but hope you had a great anniversary! Sounds like you had the makings for a special day!

    That Penny sampler quilt naturally caught my eye, in more ways than one. Hopefully you'll get to it one day!

    Love seeing where your creativity takes you -stitch on! =)


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