Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lovebirds Reveal: The Story

This spring, as a special treat for my birthday, my husband took me to one of the finest and best-kept secrets in the area... a monasterial grounds since the middle ages, that was later a private hunting spot to a 17th century duke. The Forsthaus Heiligenberg, delivers everything that one could wish for when it comes to historical charm and quaintness. Mixed with fine delicacies made from regional products and attention to every last detail, it might be easy to understand how a romantic like myself could get completely swept away with the whole atmosphere....

As I sat across from my husband, I found that I was absolutely fascinated with the embroidery piece on the wall behind him. My gaze shifted back and forth between the vintage piece and my date. Later, as I studied it more closely my eye started seeing quilting shapes... and then a whole quilt. Even though I was soaking in the all too rare one-on-one time, my fingers were itching to get the idea on paper.

My first design was with large feathers similar to the original embroidery, but I found that the shapes were too graphic and dominant for the soft and organic shapes of the focal lovebirds. As usual, the design grew and evolved as I starting getting it into fabric form, and a medallion quilt seemed to be the most natural progression of things. 

The applique borders were a later addition to my original design, and I was able to incorporate a softer applique feather into it as well as smaller birds that I also used in a second extra project that I will be included in the pattern.

There are certain projects, where it seems as if I cannot imagine it in any other colors but those specific colors. Even though blues and turquoises are not the usual color palette that I tend towards, these verigated Basic Grey's and Alison Glass blues were the direction that I knew I wanted to go. I've always love a blue and green combination, and the coral pomogranates, give it the contrast that I was looking for. 

I hope to get first draft to pattern testers by the end of the month, so if you are interested (or you know someone who might be interested) then let me know. This quilt pattern is for an intermediate to advanced quilter with experience in applique. I am requesting a finished top (with or without applique borders) by February, with a February or March release date.

Oh... and I'm still not settled on a name. Here's a few that have been thrown into the suggestion pot...

Spring Lovebirds, Nested Lovebirds, Birds Of A Feather, Fly Away Home, Lovebirds In A Perch, Birds Of A Feather, Bluebirds Of Happiness...


  1. This is so gorgeous! I like all of the names on your list too. :)

  2. Gorgeous! Please put my name in the hat as a potential pattern tester! Question, will any method of applique be suitable? I would most likely do needle turned if possible. Thanks!

  3. It's simply beautiful! The appliqué border is perfect.

  4. Wunderschön, vor allem eine tolle Geschichte die dahinter steht. Wie wäre es mit einem Namen der sich mit diesem Ausflug verbindet, oder der gestickten Vorlage!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Thanks for sharing the story about the inspiration and your ideas, it looks beautiful. Spring Lovebirds sounds good!

  6. I was looking forward to that reveal. Your quilt turned out very beautiful and is very reminiscent of old embroidery of vines and birds. I am so stoked to see what your pattern testers will do with your pattern. =)

  7. Dear Allison,

    I love the outer border. The birds, feater and the bias are so delicate. Also the white background fabric of this border is very beautiful. What kind of fabric is this?

    Whish you luck with the pattern testern. This is a big quilt to accomplish.

    Best Mareike

  8. Such a lovely story and beautiful quilt!


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