Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Home Sweet Home Applique Sampler

My whole married life, I've heard my German husband quote from a famous American TV series that I've never really watched... "I love it when a plan comes together" (Hannibal's trademark statement from A-Team) As promised in my last post, January is "The Month Of The Quilt Top"... and not just one quilt top, but now three!?! So, how about if I formally introduce you to my third quilt top this month, which just happens to be my upcoming quilt pattern... "Home Sweet Home" Applique Sampler, and is to be released in May at the Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe.

With that being said, I suppose it might be obvious what nickname the month of February will have? I was thinking something along the lines of... "The Month Of Quilting" (no pun intended) Just so you know, quilting suggestions are more than welcome (wink, wink)

The whole concept behind my Home Sweet Home pattern is to offer applique shapes that are simpler, if you will, than many traditional blocks. I realize that a tiny Chuck Nohara block with a million leaves in one block is not exactly everyone's cup of tea, and can deter many quilters who have never tried applique, but would like to without feeling overwhelmed by all the tiny pieces.

I decided to highlight the applique blocks in a simple Irish Chain, and I love the delicate look of the Basic Grey Grunge in Freesia on the low volume background. I hope you are enjoying the purple, because it's going to be another repeating theme this year.

More about my Home Sweet Home Applique Sampler in the following weeks, but first thing first... I'm ready to kick off the "Month of Quilting"... what's on your list?


  1. Mhhh, what will my month be then "The month of connecting blocks to a quilt top?" I am already sure we will both "love" our jobs... kicks needed here.

    For the quilting. I think the top is "busy" enough to use simple quilting. So maybe horizontal lines or a diamond grid like the Irish chain?

  2. I love your Home Sweet Home quilt and the setting of the blocks is beautiful!


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