Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Craft Everyday Keeps The Grumpies Away

How does the familiar saying go... "all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl"? If you happen to be a crafter like I am, and there's more time spent behind the computer screen than the sewing machine, then it's easy to see how one can hit that "I can't take it anymore point!" because of lack of creative time.

I've got a lot on my list these days that makes me feel like I am permanently parked behind the computer... making final corrections on my Lovebirds' Garden pattern, preparing presentations for two courses at Nadelwelt, adding five mini patterns and working on the Home Sweet Home applique sampler pattern... just to name a few.

Sometimes I need those 30 minutes here or 30 minutes there projects to give me the sense that I am still crafting despite the big to-do list on my desk. For me it's better to be working on something rather than nothing at all because I don't have the time to "think" myself back into a project.

Upon reflection, I suppose I have so many smaller in-between projects because I'm usually at that step in the quilting process with my larger projects where they cannot be easily started or stopped. Once you've put your project to the side because the kids are hungry, it's the end of the work day, emails need to be answered, or whatever the case, by the time you figure out where you need to start again, there is something else that need attended to.

So here's my "in-between" breather project ... a little starch applique Chuck Nohara project with the new Anna Maria Horner fabrics. Oh, come on, like you could stay away from a freshly delivered fabric package?

Do you get stuck because you only have 30 minutes to sew, and no start and stop projects in the works? Maybe Mell can help you get motivated with her #30minsewingdaily challenge.


  1. No I could not either. The Basic Grey Grunge and AMH look good together. =)

  2. I agree with Puppilalla, the grunge works so well with the Horner fabrics! I like have projects in various stages so that no matter how much time I have or what kind of mood I'm in I can find something I want to do :)

  3. That Chuck block is rather stunning, haven't for any of the new block yet, still waiting for it to get to NZ.

  4. The fabrics really look great together... and who could resist new fabric :)


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