Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Lovebirds' Garden FINISH!

Almost a year ago this month, I sat in a quaint little restaurant with my husband for a birthday breakfast, soaking in all the charm of the centuries old building. The fact that we often don't take the time to treat ourselves, made the day even more special. As I sat across from my husband, my gaze kept falling on the cross stitch piece that was behind him... which ended up being the inspiration for my latest quilt pattern Lovebirds' Garden, to be released next week, March 15th!

I could not have finished the quilt as quickly had it not been for a little help from Iva. She did the amazing quilting while I have been busy working on other upcoming patterns. She actually joined us this fall for our quilting retreat, and she found this perfect little spot on the grounds for a nice background... isn't it fun how the green in the quilt is picked up by the moss covered doors in the background?

It was at the retreat that we were able to coordinate quilting plans... I just love how she framed the center medallion, really making it the focal point of the quilt. I love the simple shadowing of the leaves and orange peel accents throughout.

Does this couch look familiar? Well, it should... somehow this blue keeps following me despite  not being a blue fan.

I have to admit that this had to be the hardest quilt photo shooting that I've done... remember all those weather shows that were talking about the "beast from the east" cold weather front that swept across Europe? Yep, that was our photo shooting day!?! My hands were so cold that I could barely hold the camera, and the wind gusts kept us from taking more shots. 

I'll be sharing more next week with the pattern release, so be sure to check back in... just in case you happened to miss the full story about the Lovebirds' Garden quilt?... then you can find it here.

Quilt: Pattern: Lovebirds' Garden Applique Medallion Quilt from Allison Richter for Campbell Soup Diary, releases March 15th 2018
Started: March 2017
Fabrics: Alison Glass, Basic Grey Grunge, Carolyn Friedlander, 1 Canoe 2. Various Low Volume backgrounds
Finished quilt size: ca. 82" x 82" in. (208 x 208 cm) 

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  1. Gorgeous, Allison! Congratulations on this wonderful finish :)

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the combination of applique and piecing.

  3. Es hat echt Spass gemacht deinen herrlichen Quilt zu quilten 💖 Auf eurem Gut gibts so viele wunderschöne Plätze zum fotografieren, da bin ich echt etwas neidisch 😉😘

  4. The quilting is really gorgeous but also are the pictures of this amazing quilt. Can't see the cold, but hope your fingers are thawed again :) And I am impressed you found a sunny day, hour to photograph. The current grey weather is just annoying.

  5. This is such a pretty quilt! I love the effect of the background fabrics, as well as the applique design. Very nice quilting on it, too.

  6. Congratulations on a gorgeous finish and the pattern too! On behalf of the 2018 Finish A Long global hosts, thanks for participating!


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