Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Stars, Sprigs, and New Video

The last of my blocks from my bee members have finally come in, which means that now it's my part to finish up and add the rest of applique blocks. I realize that usually you ask your bee members to make something other than a simple star block, but I wanted concentrate on the applique part of this quilt, and let the others take care of the piecing.

My original intent was to do a two color quilt, i.e. yellow and white. But I think the subtleness of the transition between the yellow and chartreuse tones, are enough to give a little contrast, while still leaving the feeling of a two color quilt. To my surprise, I keep grabbing for this soft grey these days in my projects, and I love that it is not so obvious in the blocks.

But, now to move onto the fun part: I've been working on several more YouTube videos, and I've just added the one that you may have been waiting for... the actual How-To video!?! In my previous videos, I talked a lot about set-up, supplies, freezer paper, making templates, which are all pretty foundational to the "doing" part of starch applique.

If you happened to miss it, I will be teaching a class in Hamburg next weekend. Join me if you can. Find all the details here.


  1. Yeah, some more applique blocks. I am soooo glad we got to make the stars :) Way better in my book lol.

  2. I love your quilt. Your video was really great also, I have a project that this will be very helpful with.

  3. I love them all, even if it is not my green and touched by these wonderful flowers! Such a beauty. Love your work Allison

  4. drooling over here. I love this, What a treasure.
    I somehow got on the hexie bandwagon, not sure how, but I am preparing some. Next month younger daughter's second baby is due (Little Lena is only 14 months older, yeah, oops but it's good, God is boss)
    and I will be doing a lot of visiting and other, perhaps get some basting done. I am gonna put it mostly aside for then. Try to finish my Facing East quilt (HAHAHAHA) and some other, many other projects.\
    You are so very very inspiring Allison. You really are

  5. This is just lovely. Your applique is always so perfect. Are these all Chuck Nohara blocks?

  6. Allison, what a fabulous tutorial video. I'm off to Youtube to subscribe. Thanks.


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