Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Whirly Girl Blog Hop Announcement

Tomorrow is the official release of my Whirly Girl quilt pattern... so, are you as excited as I am? To kick things off, I'm announcing a little Blog Hop that starts with the pattern release! I had so many talented pattern testers, and what was particularly exciting for me was that I had so many German testers in the mix... it really makes me feel more a part of the community where I am living!

So, here's where Whirly Girl will be taking you this week...
So before the official release tomorrow, I thought that I would leave you with a few color combinations as inspiration for your own Whirly Girl quilt...

I find that a cool color combination is one that I come back to over and over again when I am playing with colors. You'll be seeing more cool colors with my next pattern. (can you believe it's already in testers hands!?!)

Vibrant, warm, popping tones cooled down with grey accents are sure to keep things spicy...

I love gradient quilts, and what could make them better than using some highly saturated Alison Glass fabrics?

Things are super dramatic when combined on a dark background. I usually tend for high popping contrasts on white, but this version has me rethinking things...

But, not all quilts have to knock you over with a powerful punch of color - these sweet and soft pastel fabrics from Heather Ross are on my wish list... those strawberries are just too cute to pass up.

So, be sure to stop back again tomorrow for the official release, March 14th! (and a few other surprises) But before I see you again, I wanted to leave you with a few things that my pattern testers actually had to say about the pattern:

"For me the directions where easy to understand. I would call myself an intermediate quilter and it was fun to sewing the pattern. Because of the directions of the flying geese it is still interesting to sew and its great for chain piecing and comes together pretty fast but looks stunning at the end." - Christa

"The pattern has been a joy to make, I love the partial seam element - not too tricky and your instructions are really clear. Just a little challenge for a confident beginner. I also like how you can make it your own with colour placement.". - Helen

"What a great, easy pattern. I did a mini quilt early on in my quilting journey with partial seams and it has scared me ever since. (I do not recommend partial seams with 1 1/2" wide pieces!)  So, there was a little trepidation but when I got to this step it was sooo easy. I will not be scared of partial seams again!" - Naomi

"The directions were clear and easy to understand. I feel that intermediate/advanced quilters would still find this pattern very interesting. Although the blocks are simple in construction, the design comes together in a way that feels very modern and looks complex.

The cutting tables were easy to use. I loved that you broke each section into separate segments. This was a very useful feature because I like to break up the cutting and sewing into sections. It was also helpful in being able to choose colors as I went because I was able to audition fabrics for each section". - Erica

"I enjoyed making this quilt - I will make another in different colors for sure". - Suzanne

"The construction pictures made it very simple to follow and the block comes together great. The partial seam will never stop me again from sewing a particular pattern." - Regina

"Ich bin von dem Pattern sehr angetan. Es sind viele traditionelle Blöcke miteinander vereint. Sie ergeben zusammen ein verspieltes Layout. Die Anleitung finde ich besonders für Quiltanfänger toll aufgebaut. Du erklärst jede Methode genau und nachvollziehbar. Die einzelnen Schritte zusätzlich mit der entsprechenden Schnittabelle zu versehen, finde ich wirklich klasse". - Judith


  1. Love the different color versions! Today I am especially fond of the vibrant, warm version... raspberry and mango sorbet anyone? Yeah, I am done with the cold. Spring/summer can come :)

  2. I totally feel like Melanie! The pink-orange version is my favorite. But one can see - there are so many possibilities using this pattern!


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