Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snip, Snip, Hum, Hum

This year for my eager-to-learn-to-sew niece, I thought that the super cute and super sweet "Modkid" dolls from Patty Young, would be a great beginners project and birthday present for her. Little did I know that it was perhaps not the best thing for an eight year old "rookie" to start off with, but thank goodness Grandma came through.

It really was so sweet that my niece's first thought was to give one to her younger sister and the other to her best friend. But after all the sewing and stuffing, they were left a little "bare", one could say. So, I decided that every girl needs a pretty dress to make her feel good about herself. A few scraps, snip, snip, humm, hummm, and tadahh! Two reversible dresses for their newest friends.

Oh, what fun! Now, what beats having one beautiful dress to make a gal feel good?....TWO!

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