Monday, December 6, 2010

Sparkly, Shiny... and a winner!

This weekend I ventured downtown, and with good reason, for a fantastic exhibit in Hamburg's Messehalle. (exhibition hall) The three day event had the halls filled, not with fabric as you might expect, but minerals and gemstones... enough to make any girl drool, ohhh, and ahhh. Oh, such fun! It was actually a split shopping day for my husband and I, since he had no interest. I went my way, and he went his (with baby in tote... it seems that Media Markt and the home improvement store are much more interesting for the little guy - go figure)

Just a glimpse of some of my pretty sparkling treasures that I found...

Well, it looks like I won't be the only one racking up these days... it is December 6th, right?!? That means somebody has to win a little something today, or did you miss the giveaway? Thank goodness I have an assistant to help me with all that I have on my plate, so... drum roll, please...

Congrats Juliette... "gepierced, oder nicht"... think Christmas present or einfach austausch for something "nicht gepeirced"... Happy Nikolaus Day!

... speaking of Nikolaus, Advent, and Christmas... be sure to check out Juliette's blog... she has some really great decorating ideas to bring a little holiday cheer.


  1. Hooray! I already sent you an email! =)

    You guys are so cute - love that the little guy gets to play along! =)

  2. Did you have a nice St. Nikloas day? We all gathered at the kindergarten for an hour while 'the real' St. Nikolas visited. Singing and chocolate and other goodies. It was very nice.
    Laura in ludwigsburg

  3. Actually is was a very nice day... working on my Christmas placemats. I didn't get any chocolate, but it sure was a bit of a "gift" to sew!

    For some reason, my German husband is not too "up on things" about traditions here, but we have until next year or so to catch up on them. Hope you enjoyed too!


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