Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Blooms

It's Christmas today and the past days have been very low key, loads of tasty food, visiting with friends, lingering at the dinner table while enjoying a glass of wine, listening to Christmas music over and over again, and soaking in the still and reflective season.

I have actually had these pictures for quite some time, but have been saving them for today. Look at this last photo... did you notice the small white heart? I love what Julie wrote about finding love messages that the universe sends us. The thought is quite fitting considering what today is.

Wherever you are and however you celebrate, I hope that you have have time to slow down to receive the "greatest love message" that was ever sent to us. Merry Christmas!


  1. So sweet! The pops of red on this snow-covered day are lovely!! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Love it! So pretty! We were recently given a bouquet of white amaryllis' and I have been really enjoying them - that heart is especially sweet!

    Hope you all had a very merry Christmas celebrating and reflecting the crazy snow! =)

  3. I haven't had one of these flowers in years. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.


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