Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Sweets

This year is very much the beginning of a process that was already begun four years ago... the combining of two cultures and families and embracing our uniqueness as we blend what we knew into what we now know and recognize as "just us". I really have been thinking about what traditions I enjoy from my husband's family and want to carry on as well. I enjoy how differently both of our families celebrate the holidays and sometimes the little differences are things that I notice right away... even down to the smallest of decorations.

So one of the "super sweet" traditions that my mother-in-law does each year, I plan to add to our family traditions.
Aren't these pine cones adorable filled with yummy little chocolate sprinkle discs... so creative, so simple, so delicious!

WARNING: Please do not lick, sniff, or try to devour your screen. Such actions could be hazardous to your health. This blog cannot be legally responsible for any weight gain should you try this at home.


  1. oh yes, those are awesome! I know, my mother in law is already knee-deep in her homemade Vanillekipferl ...meaning my waist will expand approximately 4 meters between now and January 1st!

    And on the combined traditions...when do you get your tree? Stefan is pretty traditional and only wants to first put it up on Christmas Eve (24th). I would've had it up weeks ago...

  2. I have never seen these before. Are they chocolate pinecones or chocolate covered pinecones?

  3. Neither... they are plain pinecones and simply placed between the spaces are little chocolate candy discs. Cute, huh?

  4. wow. And I love your humor! Come say hi. We are having a rock music giveaway, from my Dec 9 post :)


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