Thursday, December 30, 2010

Absolute Trust

Our little man does not sit still often, or for very long for that matter... in fact, my father-in-law has nicknamed him "der Arbeitsdirektor" (the work director). He is always moving, always working, always exploring, and it is hard to get him to stop. I guess I never had a specific image in my head of what our first child would be like, and I guess it is best not to, to give children the freedom to become who they really are. But I never imagined that he would be such a busy, busy, ... busy little guy.

... but there are times when he does stop for just one brief moment to communicate to us, without even saying a word ...

Absolute Trust... a sweet affection and such a tender stillness that is understood just by one touch.


  1. Cute and beautiful pictures! I think most of the babys are curios and busy all the time they're not sleeping. So sweet, to watch them while they discover the big big world! Others are watching all quiet around them or seams to be lazy. You have sweet busy one:)) Wish you and your familiy a happy new year! Uta

  2. Sweet! Each child is a gift. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. der it! =) he's getting so big!!

    Just got home from visiting friends and am ironing freshly-washed fabric -you know what that means! =)

  4. so sweet! Wait until he starts running around! It just gets more amazing... and exciting!

    Laura in Ludwigsburg

  5. Die Bilder gehen richtig ans Herz. :-) Ja, diese Vertrauen ist unglaublich. :-)))))

    Liebe Grüße, Smila


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