Monday, January 24, 2011

Same 'ol Love Song

Each time I get a new fabric collection in, I spew out a flurry of love gushes, over the top adorations, and claims that THIS collection has now become my favorite collection of them all. Sometimes I feel like such a fair-weathered fan... so quickly bestowing my affections on the new "flavor of the month" and forsaking the one before that I had sworn all-time allegiance to. But this time instead of pouring out my claims of undying love (yes, we are still talking about fabric here), I thought I would just let the new fabrics from Amy Butler's "Soul Blossoms" line speak for themselves...

... and then you can sing your own mushy love songs.

Despite my efforts to restrain myself, I must admit that I am totally infatuated with the "Fuchsia Tree" fabrics... but with good reason. When I was in college, I had written a paper about Art Nouveau. Immediately I was in awe and completely captivated by the distinct design style. The nature inspired style, earthy lines, with flowing, climbing movements really spoke to me. These two fabrics in particular remind me of time period and make me think of one of my favorite artists from the period, Alphonse Mucha.

So, it's not so difficult to see why Amy's fabrics have been the source of inspiration for several new things that I am working on... if you're lucky, they'll show up here very soon. Do you need a little more time to ohhh and ahhh?... check out the "Soul Blossoms" collection here.

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  1. oh wow! I saw the images first and thought, "ooooh, Art Nouveau lines!" and then you wrote about it! =P I totally get you! I love that she went this route! (I'm a total sucker for design and fashion from the 20's, Art Nouveau and all that sort of thing!)


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