Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another "Riddle Me This"...

Sometimes I enjoy a little bit of random, how about you? It was fun for me with my last riddle that I posted and I thought it would be interesting to share one of the presents that I got this year for Christmas. It might look a little odd, but it's something that I actually asked for. If you happen to be on German soil, you might have seen it before.

How about if I throw a couple of hints your way:

1. It's something that I use almost every day
2. Even though I use it so often, it is not exactly common for the average, typical German household to have. (but it is made in Germany)
3. The German name actually has more letters in it than the alphabet (but that doesn't necessarily narrow it down a whole lot)

From the the statistics on my last "Riddle Me This", there where a lot more of you stopping by, than let me know that you did... that just means that I love your comments ; )


  1. oooh! I'm not going to spoil it so early in the game and say what it is....I have one too and love it! =)

    I will say mine was purchased for me to help me with an aspect of typical German behavior. =)

  2. Ich habe auch so einen zu Weihnachten bekommen :-)

  3. It is kind of hard to see from the photo, but I am going to take a guess. It is either a thing that you use to put out candles which you might use on a more daily basis. Or it could be an egg warmer used to cover up your 3 minutes eggs. I don't think it is the tool though that is used to cut off the tops of the eggs.

  4. hihihi - das ist ein eierköpfer. wir haben auch sowas... und ich finde es ziemlich überflüssig. hab es noch nie benutzt. war mir nicht mal sicher, ob das überhaupt funktioniert. aber es sieht sehr dekorativ aus. :)


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