Monday, February 14, 2011

How Charming!

So every riddle must have an answer, right?... and I have to say that I really had to do a little digging to find very much on this once loved fabric collection from ca. 2005/2006. Who would have ever thought that now it would almost be considered vintage? I had some really good guesses, and even though the design and the colors are quite similar to one of Heather Bailey's earlier collections, Freshcut, it does NOT have her name on it.

I guess I wanted to share about this fabric, because perhaps some of you that are new to the quilting/sewing scene may not be familiar with the earlier works of this famous fabric designer... Isn't it just "simply charming"?

Before there was Belle, before there was Lotus, Nigella, Midwest Modern, August Fields, Daisy Chain, Love, and Soul Blossoms, there was Charm... Amy Butler's fourth fabric collection for Free Spirit fabrics (she is now with Rowan/Westminster Fabrics). I found the collection in three colorways, and if you scour the internet long enough, there are still a few fabrics to be had, but are often rare.

Amy still offers stationary that includes a few patterns from the Charm collection and one of her free patterns used the collection for a very fun and vibrant quilt.

So, just one last little "teaser"... my own Charm purse is in the works and almost done... I am now having to wait on the lining fabric shipment to come in, but doesn't patience make one all that more "charming"?

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  1. ah, i was right! =) So great to 'see' you sewing! I'm starting up tonight/tomorrow, yay! Semester is over!


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