Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Long Awaited Booth

Now that I've had a little time to reflect after the show, there are a few things about the booth that I realized after looking back:

1. Every time we do a show, (which is essentially now once a year due to the little one) once everything is put together and decorated, I marvel at how much stuff I have and once again realize that I could actually open a store tomorrow and not have to worry about having any empty spots.

2. When I take into consideration that we did this show last year with a brand new three month old baby, I have to ask myself if I even remember it or if I was totally out of my mind.

3. Having actually taken photos of the booth this year, I realized that I have done lots more than I have had the time to take photos of and show you... thus often I end up spewing a lot of hot air about the fact that I am busy, but am too busy to show you just how busy I am.

With all that being said, I will make you wait no longer for the photos from the show... wheh, it's nice to breathe again.


  1. uff, wo war die Ausstellung ??? Hätte wahrscheinlich alle Stoffe genommen ;)
    Die Stoffe sehen alle so schön aus. Unser Stoffladen hat ja nichts vernünftiges............. :(

    GLG Jutta

  2. La-Li-Lö, we were at the Park & Garden show at Stockseehof (Richtung Plöner See) über das Pfingstwochenende. We plan to be there next year too.

    They also have a Himbeerernte, Musikfest auf dem Lande, Kirschernte, und Weihnacthsmärkte. If you are close by you should go... it really is a beautiful place.

  3. Boah, sieht das toll aus. Da wäre ich mit leerem Geldbeutel wiedergekommen. Die Stoffblüten gefallen mir total gut!

    LG Anja

  4. Oh- man - was für ein Glück, dass ich weit weg wohne.... :-)
    Einfach toll- die Taschen und Blüten !!!
    Und auch so ansprechend dekoriert- da kommt man nicht vorbei !
    GlG Bianka

  5. Das sieht so großartig aus! Was für eine Farbenpracht!


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