Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, did you happen to notice the fun and playful pinwheels that were at the front of our booth with the fabric display?

For all you out there who love beautiful fabrics, but hate to sew... this one is for you. Such a simple, easy, no sew project that would be so adorable as table decorations, a cute little "extra" to add to a flower arrangement, or just a fun project with the kids.

Wanna do it yourself? Here's what you need:

A few of your favorite coordinating fabrics

Medium to heavy weight iron-in interfacing
Double sided iron-in interfacing (Wonder Under or Vliesofix)

Dowel rods or other stick

Flat head sewing pins

Hammer/small nails
Scissors or cutting mat and roll cutter

Cut two squares from two different coordinating fabrics. For the large pinwheel I used a 6 inch (ca. 15 cm) square and a 5 inch (ca. 12.5 cm) for the small one. Place squares on medium/heavy weight interfacing and iron. Cut excess interfacing. Sandwich the double sided interfacing between each of the interfaced squares. Iron & trim. (here's a picture of how the pinwheel should look showing cutting and pinning marks) Mark the center of the square, this is where your pin goes later. Cut from the corner of each of the four corners towards the center being careful to not cut all the way to the center mark. Pull one cut edge from each side towards the center, repeat with other three sides overlapping in the center. Run the pin through the pulled up edges through the center mark. Make a small pre-hole in the dowel rod using the hammer and nail. Place head pin in the pre-hole of the dowel rod and lightly hammer in place.

For finishing touches ideas:

Pick a favorite vase or container. For stability, fill with floral foam. Poke finished pinwheel rods through foam. Cover top with moss. Add decorative accents as desired.

Looking for these bright and colorful Erin McMorris fabrics?


  1. hübsch, hübsch!
    für schön befunden und posting verlinkt. :)
    danke dir für die mühe und das tutorial.

    liebe grüße, doro K.

  2. Thanks, Doro! Such a cute post... thanks for "re-sharing"!

  3. Klasse!
    Der Goettergatte hat Fabric Stiftner aus den USA mitgebracht. Damit gehts bestimmt auch und meine Kleine kann das dann ausprobieren.

    Danke und liebe gruesse aus Brasilien,

  4. wonderfull idea, thank fpr doing
    Frauke from North Germany


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