Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just a Notion

What sewing notions do you like to collect?... come on now, I know I'm not the only one, right? For some it's old thread & bobbins, for others vintage sewing patterns, while some swoon over antique sewing accessories, or maybe you're like my husband and only new technology interests you... but if you've gotten caught up in the world of creating then you must collect something. I must confess that I fell victim to another of my notion weaknesses... and I just couldn't resist adding these pretty buttons to the shop. It's even harder to resist using them all up!

I'm always on the lookout for how one can use these wonderful accents and project completers. Here's a few sweet button inspired projects that I found on Pinterest. 1. Turn those favorite one-of-a-kinds into wall art. 2. Never loose track of time with this colorful button clock. 3. Martha shows how to make cute as a button party favors 4. Turn plain buttons into a stylish and chic accessory.

So, how do you store your buttons? I can remember when I was a little girl digging through a small little cardboard box that my mom used to keep her buttons in. I was always fascinated with the unusual and vintage buttons that she had. Perhaps that's where my love for the notion came from. Aren't these great storage solutions? 1.Mason jar storage 2. Recycled bubblegum machine... just 10 cents! 3. Stylish glass containers to make buttons look as tasty as candy 4. Don't waste that under the shelving space.


  1. Sammelleidenschaften plfegt wohl jede/r. Öffentlich sichtbar oder heimlich in der Schublade. Seit meiner Kindheit liebe ich Milchkännchen, ziemlich viele haben sich in den Jahren angesammelt. In den Schubladen finden sich natürlich viele Nähaccessoires, antike Spulen, Spitze und, und, und. Und natürlich Knöpfe. Die Knöpfe sammele ich in alten Weckgläsern, sie stehen immer sicht- und griffbereit am meinem Nähplatz.

  2. love these ideas! I store my buttons in jars. I just came home with some buttons and have some ideas for them, but more fun ideas are always welcome!

  3. Susanne, I love the idea of the time when milk was delivered right to one's door... what a fun collection to have.

    Juliette, yeah! You're back! Hope you had a great time! I find that my suitcases are always much heavier coming back then when I go. Unfortunately this time I had to leave a few things behind... sniff, sniff, no crab cakes for me : (


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