Thursday, September 1, 2011

Passing It On

Every year when I travel home to visit my family in the States, I have one standing appointment. My dad's sister, who is an incredible quilter and seamstress, and I always make a trip to the local fabric shop that is filled from top to bottom with beautiful quilting fabrics. We leisurely work our way through the entire shop oohhing, aahhhing, and touching just about every single bolt of fabric in the store. You see, we have a special bond that only other creative people can understand... that connection for a love of crafting. On a recent visit, she gave me some vintage buttons that had been given to her... pehaps from her aunt or other relative, who obviously shared the same passion. I'm not sure if I had even told her before about my passion for buttons.

For some reason, I seem to be fascinated especially by vintage buttons... almost feeling the history behind these tiny little accents. I absolutely fell in love with the sweet little cards that once displayed these small notions, and while there are several missing, I feel that it only adds to their charm.

Perhaps I too will never use them, or years down the road that perfect project will surface that is calling for just a touch of sweetness, or maybe I will one day pass them onto a creative niece that shares the same passion... but for now, I will just simply enjoy them.

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