Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's that... you don't like to sew?!?

So have you noticed I've kinda been on a theme here with buttons lately? But hey, I've seen some blogs where just about every other post is about their cat. (no offense cat lovers) Since I have no cats or dogs or any other pets... would you allow me just one more post about buttons? I guess I kind of got on a roll and just couldn't stop.

So I realize that not everyone sews and that perhaps such a little thing like sewing on a button is more like work than fun, so I thought I would share a few non-sewing related ideas that one can still do with buttons.
Looking for a couple home decorating ideas or even a fun twist on decorating wedding tables?

Why not simple white buttons for a soft but elegant statement?...buttons, buttons, and more beautiful buttons!

Or do you find yourself really in your element in the kitchen? Edible buttons... who would have thought that they could be such a tasty notion... cakes, cupcakes, cookies and lollipops?

Maybe your love for paper surpasses your love for fabric... or at least this week anyway? Who doesn't love a sweet homemade card that says to that someone that you are special... all jarred up, how to grow buttons, snail buttons, and button tags.

Or do you fall more into the "computer geek" category... well, never fear, here's a downloadable wallpaper, and the great thing is that it is filled with buttons that you will never have to sew... how great is that?!?

So, whatever your "thing" might be, there might be a little more room for some serious button love.

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  1. Oh I do love buttons...but edible buttons...that never crossed my mind...love the button cupcakes and cookies!


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