Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sewing and Other Excuses

Things have been a little quiet here on the sewing front for two reasons: First, this is now my husband's busiest season and once again full time little guy duty has me doing... well, other things than sewing. Who would have known that boys would like heavy equipment machines rather than sewing machines. Well, I guess I've pulled out a few projects here and there, worked on them for a few minutes when time allowed, but I wasn't able to show you anything because said husband also took the camera with him... hmmmpf!

... and secondly, I guess I've been a little caught behind the scenes doing all the fun computer work that needs to be caught up on from when we were gone so much this summer. But I could hold out no longer with getting my fingers on the fabrics from Anna Maria's LouLouThi collection... (swoon!)

... just trying to figure out if today I am a blue girl or a red girl. What about you? Well, most of the time I'm neither, but I gotta say that this collection is really working for me. Maybe it's the deep rich colors that reflect the upcoming season.

Oh, Fall... I love your colors, but not the cold that is coming after you.


  1. I'm loving this line as well, but I have to say those velvet ribbons are amazing!

    Hope alls well holding down the fort solo!

  2. I love autumn colours too...they are so warm and beautiful…wonder what are you making!

  3. i hate that in miami we don't have any fall colors...

  4. Juliette... flying solo, and still up in the air.

    Sewandthecity... hope to have a finished photo next week (fingers crossed)

    Punctation Mark... well some might consider it a good thing that the weather is so warm, that fall never really comes around. But I think I would miss it.


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