Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alexander Henry Fabrics

So now that it is almost time for this year's Fall Quilt Market, I am just now starting to get in some of the collections that were introduced earlier at the Spring Market. Wow, it's hard to think that the last time I saw these samples were that long ago. Alexander Henry, known in the fabric industry for super quality and fantastic designs, added a few new fabrics to their highly popular "In the Kitchen" collection. Doesn't this first fabric look like it could be some kind of learn your ABC's from a vintage cookbook?

Also introduced last spring was this sweet "have fun in your garden" line, "Natura". Oh, I have a sweet little project in mind if I can manage to keep myself focused. I've never had a vegetable garden, but have always thought that it would be fun. (Of course now is not the time to start since my 18 month old finds it entertaining to pinch the flower heads off anything growing in the garden)

I just love these adorable fabrics from "Nicole's Prints"... "Park & Ride" and "Dots & Daisies"... all the things that one might encounter while taking a leisurely afternoon bike ride in the park? Aren't they sweet?

Also from the "Nicole's Prints" collection is "Wonderland"... oh, one's imagine could go wild with fairytale stories to go along with this print. Another fabric I've been itching to get my hands on. I love the animals mixed in with sweet, whimsical motifs.
One thing that I especially love about Alexander Henry fabrics is that they seem like they have their very own story to tell.

Looking for more Alexander Henry Prints? Check out here.


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